Welcome to the Kuhlman Lab.

We are in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. We use a combination of computational and experimental methods to design proteins.

Currently we are focusing on a variety of design goals including the creation of novel protein-protein interactions, protein structures and light activatable protein switches. Central to all of our projects is the Rosetta program for protein modeling. In collaboration with developers from a variety of universities, we are continually adding new features to Rosetta as well as testing it on new problems.

Please see our research page for more information.

Recent Highlights

Designing Photoswitchable Peptides Using the AsLOV2 Domain (Lungu, Hallet et al. Chemistry and Biology 2012)

Design of a Protein-Protein Interaction using Beta-strand Assembly (Stranges et al., PNAS 2011)

Metal-mediated Affinity and Orientation Specificity in a Computationally Designed Protein Homodimer (Der et al., JACS, 2011).

Computational Design of a Protein-Binding Peptide (Sammond et al, JACS, 2011).   

Design of a Directed Library for Protein-Protein Interface Design (Guntas et al., PNAS, 2010)

Engineering of a Photoactivable GTPase (Wu et al., Nature, 2009)