Welcome to our Urban Oasis!

The Kirkwood Urban Forest Community Garden is a unique space, in that it is both a public conservation park and a community garden managed by members of the Kirkwood neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. This 7 acre site features walking trails through hardwood trees, a spring-fed creek, a frog pond, and a surprisingly lush ecosystem only a few miles from Downtown Atlanta. Please come visit our hidden wilderness in the City of Atlanta.

Spring flowers

Upcoming Events - 2014

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Earl Williamson and Joe Alcock, the pavilion structure has acquired necessary permits. Construction will begin in soon.

The plateau has been covered with wood chips for eventual breakdown into compost, then covered in native prairie grasses. Five Juniper trees have been planted along the property line of the plateau.
We have a water meter!! Now to dig a trench for the line. Having access to water will really help during periods of drought.

We still have plots available, If interested please contact us via our Facebook page or email.