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Game-play changes and mechanics (updated 21 April 2009)

Problem: The player has no choice when they fail other than to die then resurrect by reloading a saved-game.
Alternatives to death and reload

The alternatives are: (1) Good Samaritan: the player is saved from death and recuperate in an inn, guild, jail, or chapel; (2) Reset button: the player is saved from death and is teleported back a safe distance from where they came. Reset button is a response to this assessment of player-deaths as penalties to failing; (3) Death has penalties: the player dies and needs to reload as normal. However, they player incurs some random attribute penalties for 4 hours. 


Problem: Combat seems tediously long requiring a highly-skilled player an unusual amount of successful blade hits to defeat an opponent.
Solution: Attributes-based and Skills-based damage modifiers
In default Oblivion, a character with 100 Strength and 100 Blade inflicts only twice the damage of a character with 0 Strength and 0 Blade. This mod increases damages of weapons based on the wielder's attribute and skill levels.
With the default settings of this mod, a character with 100 Strength and 100 Blade can inflict five times more than a character with 0 Strength and 0 Blade. 


Problem: The player's choice of clothes has no effect on any NPCs. Even the guards ignore stolen guard armour and the Dark Brotherhood Shroud Armour.
Clothing matters

What the player wears may affect the Disposition of NPCs they interact with. Some apparel are illegal and will draw the attention of guards. 


Problem: The player has no pro-active option to remove bounty from a crime they committed.
Crime has witnesses

The player can remove Bounties for crimes by either:
1. killing the witnesses or 2. coercing (Disposition 100) the witnesses to not report the crime. 


Problem: The player can usually carry multiple armour and weapons with no encumbering penalties.
: Encumbering loot armour and weapons

The weight of armour or weapons are increased when they are not worn or equipped. 


Problem: Gold coins have no weight. Usually the player will have thousands of gold coins in their inventory.
Solution: Gold is an inventory item
Gold is weighted and can be dropped like other inventory items. 


Problem: In-game: horses are unintelligent, can't be stolen outright, have no saddlebags, will walk slower than the player at the player's later levels.
Solution: Horse commands v4
Horse are instinctive: will follow the player upon dismount, will be cautious and follow the player at a farther distance when the player is in combat or has their weapon out, will obey the player's command of "stay", "return to nearest city", "return home". Bundled with the mod are: Horse speed equals player speed, Own horses Over time, Simple saddlebags.

Problem: The walking speed of horses were much slower than the player's walk speed. Because of this, it was better for the player to not ride horses.
Solution: Horse speed equals player speed
Increases the speed of the horse the player is riding on to 110% of the player's speed. 


Problem: When playing with a "fatigue/encumbrance" mod, it is essential to be unencumbered while in combat. But the player cannot drop their inventory without scattering them on the ground.
Solution: Inventory is a backpack
The player's inventory is a backpack. Dropping the backpack will remove the player's inventory from their person into the backpack item. All items are removed except: 1. equipped items, 2. quest items, 3. hot-keyed items. 


Problem: The invasion of Daedra into Tamriel is halted while the player ignores the main quest.
Solution: Ignoring the main quest has consequences
Gates to the planes of Oblivion will start to appear if the main quest is ignored. 


Problem: The player can wear the distinctive armour of guards.
Solution: Looting dead guards is stealing
Taking the special armour and weapons from dead guards is stealing. Their gold value will be added to the player's fine when arrested. 


Problem: The player cannot wear more than one ring each hand nor more than one amulet.
Magicka-based magic jewelery limits
The player's Magicka determines the number of magic jewelery they can wear. A penalty will be applied to fatigue, the player's highest attribute, and the player's highest combat-useful skill for every magic jewelery worn more than the allowed amount. 


Problem: During combat, the player is free to loot chests, lockpick and read books.
Solution: No looting during combat
While in combat, the player cannot loot chests or dead bodies, lockpick or read books. 


Problem: NPCs do not have self-preservation instincts.
Solution: NPCs yield
NPCs will surrender when they start losing a fight. 


Problem: The player has no other option to sneaking other than to rely on their Sneak skill.
NPCs are suspicious
NPCs will investigate suspicious sounds/disturbances that the player can create by using Oblivion's default grab and throw functionality on items. 


Problem: The player cannot sit except on stools and chairs.
Solution: Sittable Rocks
Any rock or rubble is sittable.