KU Educational Technology Portfolio
A demo portfolio inspired in part by KU student work and the philosophy of Seymour Papert.
1945-49 - Bachelor of Arts, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.
1949-52 - Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Witwatersrand.
1955-59 - 
Ph.D.  Mathematics, Cambridge University.
1958-63 - Post Doctorate with Jean Piaget, University of Geneva.

This Teaching Portfolio provides evidence of my professional competence in the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS). By clicking the Standards tab you will see a list of my personal statement and evidence for each standard.


See examples of student-created mosaic images.

Selected Works
A) Ed Imagery (.pdf) - B) About Kanasas Video (You Tube) - C) Weather Forecasting (.ppt) - D) Kansas Symbols (.pdf) - Searching for Learning (pdf) )  - Searching in Ed ( pdf )  Food Pyramid (pdf)  | Imagery Jazz (pdf) Readings