I'm Brian Rogers. 

I'm not sure why you're reading this, but it's likely either because you've read my Zine "Subplot Kudzu" in the venerable role playing APA Alarums & Excursions, or remember my writing for Steve Jackson Games Pyramid magazine, or my even more trivial argumentative ramblings on increasingly distant gaming message boards, or your in one of my two monthly games. Most likely you're someone I already know, but if you're not, greetings. 

Kudzu Online is an experiment: I've previously posted on gaming related things on a Livejournal account of the same name, but I've been disenchanted with a Blog style searching and reference system when it comes to both campaign chronicles of series of essays on the same topics. I also have a Facebook account, but find it hard to put down longer ideas there. So I'm trying something new (for me) in maintaining a web page dedicated to my own particular madness: Role Playing Games and Game-Mastering Theory. This might frizzle and die in a few days, or it might stick around for longer. We'll find out. 

Until then, enjoy, if you've a mind to.

Update: This far in I'm clearly in need of some sort of commenting/message board function. Hopefully I'll figure one out.