Vampire Garlic Dip


Yield: 2 cups     

2 heads garlic

1 teaspoons olive oil, divided

1 stick butter softened to room temperature (I use salted)

1 block (8 oz.) cream cheese, softened to room temperature

1/2 teaspoon dried thyme

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

hot sauce to taste (optional)

-Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

-Cut the tops off 2 heads of garlic and wrap the base in a piece of aluminum foil along with a little drizzle of olive oil. 

-Place the garlic packets in a preheated oven and roast for approximately 30-40 minutes. Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely.

-In a large bowl with an electric mixer, or in the bowl of a stand mixer with the paddle attachment, combine the butter, cream cheese, roasted garlic, thyme, black pepper and hot sauce to taste, until smooth and creamy. *Note - to easily remove the roasted garlic from the skins, gently squeeze the entire bulb until the garlic cloves squeeze out.

-Transfer the dip to a serving bowl and serve immediately, or for more intense garlic flavor, cover and refrigerate for several hours. 

-This dip is best served at room temperature so if refrigerating, take it out at least 30 minutes before serving.

-Serve with crackers, assorted vegetables, pretzels, or on a spoon all by itself. LOL