Bacon Bloody Mary


Serves: 1 cocktail per recipe

1  jigger vodka of your choosing

½ cup Clamato Juice (tomato and clam), or tomato juice


2  Sweet and Savory Bacon Slices, cooked and cooled 

1   Celery Rib

1   Spear of Pickled Asparagus

2   Cooked Cocktail Shrimp

1   Lime slice

2   Beef Summer Sausage Links

1   Grape tomato

1   Green Olive

1   Green Onion

Pinch hot sauce (optional)

Pinch Black Pepper

Pinch Celery Salt

1   Tall Cocktail Glass

1   Wooden Skewer

1   Straw (optional)

-Skewer the lime, beef sausages, grape tomato and olive on the top portion of the skewer. Set aside.

-Fill the glass half full of ice. Add the vodka and the juice. 

-Add the bacon, celery, and asparagus to the glass. Garnish the rim of the glass with the cocktail shrimp. 

-Give a dash or two of hot sauce (if desired), and sprinkle the top of the cocktail with black pepper and celery salt.

-Add the straw, give a quick stir, and enjoy!

Kudos Kitchen by Renee