The March of 365 Steps

1 step, 1 day.
3 steps, 3 days.
go 3 steps and go back 2 steps.

This song "The March of 365 Steps" smash hits in 1968 @ Japan. 

This is quintessence of virtue. TDD is just like that.  Kent Beck visited Japan and the TDD school was held in September 11-12, 2002. I took an active part in his school. I've  got a important thing. Then, I want to go public with my article.

TDD & JUnit. text and tutorial.

TDD and JUnit Presentation (PDF)

TDD and JUnit Tutorial Text (PDF)

Cheetah sings this song.  She sing in the tune,

 "1 step, 1 day. 3 steps, 3 days. 3 steps ahead, then 2 steps back."


History :

[2006/04/01] TDD & JUnit, TDD is Test-Driven Development. JUnit is Java Unit Testing Framework.

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[2003/12/04] TDD is Test-Driven Development.


[2006-04-27] JUnit 4.2

[2006-03-03]  JUnit 3.8.2

Download JUnit


About Cheetah :

Cheetah, Suizennji Kiyoko, is female singer. Cheetah means "little tami-chan". "little tami-chan" is "chicchai tami-chan" in japanese.

Her real name is Hikida Tamiko (maiden name is Hayashida).

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