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頂いたお題目が、Web 2.0とかRIAとかいうことを話してほしいという要求でしたので、そういったお話をさせて頂きました。

ですからタイトルは、『Web 2.0 周辺視野』というタイトルにしました。よく周りを眺めてみましょうという事です。なんとなく、凝視するのではなく、眼の隅っこで見る程度で。



時間は逆には戻せないということです。 ハーバート・ジョージ・ウェルズ  "H.G. Wells" を除いてはですけど。









The season of winter has already come now.
I will do some talking to the person who entered newly.

The Lecture about the latest web was talking for fresh person.

What should I speak about what ?
I obtained the demand.
It is such a story as "Web 2.0" and "RIA".


Therefore, this presentation title was made "Web 2.0 circumference view" ( or "Web Surroundings") .
We are often looking at the surroundings.
It is the grade which it does not stare but is seen somehow in a corner of an eye.

We will try to give casual look at Web surroundings.




And here is an additional story.

I thought that the my additional story will be an excessive busybody.

However, if it becomes the cause considered about the thing of "your future" of working in a company after this was considered. 

I hope that if you become a cause thinking yourself.
I considered such a thought. So I try to talk to fresh man the second story.

I surely think that that it is not so good considers many things from the beginning. I think "Jump before seeing" is right thing.

However, if you will rushes without any considering any points, and there is no method of comrades, equally this proverb "it is no use crying over spilt milk".

I understand that time cannot be back toward conversely. Although it becomes empty gaily except for Herbert George Wells, "H.G.Wells." 


This presentation It is two part composition by stories.

Best Regards.




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