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Kudo Shunsaku :  

There is a guy. His occupation is Private detective.  The small office together with a dwelling called the Kudo detective office is opened.  He was a detective for five years in San Francisco.  His bike is Vespa P150X.  Tobacco is a camel. and also favorite is coffee.  and his favorite alcohol is Tiopepe that is dry sherry from Spain.  He always wears the eye mask which the eyeball attached when sleeping.


工藤俊作 :

 職業 私立探偵。工藤探偵事務所という住居と一緒の小さな事務所を開いている。 サンフランシスコで5年間刑事。愛車はべスパP150X。 タバコはキャメル、コーヒー大好き。 酒はドライシェリーのティオペペ。寝るときは目玉のついたアイマスク。


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