Swedish Cube Days 2009
A competition in speed solving Rubik's cube and other mechanical puzzles.
  • Finals for the smaller events sq-1, pyra and mega has been added, only 4-6 will proceed... (elite sport?)
  • 6x6x6 blindfolded has been added as a unofficial side event... try to remember that!
This is the sixth annual cube day. Earlier the competition has only been over one day but this year we will have two of them, the cube days. These days will be December 5-6, 2009.
The venue will be the same as the one we had last year, the lunch hall of Bergaskolan in kungsängen, that is located just north of Stockholm.
Getting there is easy from Stockholm central train station, just locate the local train "Pendeltåg" platform and go to destination Kungsängen or Bålsta (that is a more distant stop). The ride is about 25 minutes. From Kunsängen station it is just a short walk to the venue, find the way om the map.
Sleep over in the venue will be possible the night between the days, bring your own sleeping gear if you like to do that. If you need a place for Friday-Saturday or Sunday-Monday there is a small and fairly cheap hotel in Kungsängen (link). If that one want do, then there are loads of hotel guides on the internet to help you, use google :)
The competition will follow the official rules described at the WCA site (link), these will also apply for the unofficial events we will have as far as possible.


 08:00-09:30  Registration  Setting up the venue and on site registration.
 09:30-10:30  4x4x4  First round, average 3(5)
 10:30-11:00  2x2x2  First round, average 3(5)
 11:00-12:00  5x5x5  Finals, average 3(5)
 12:00-13:00   Lunch  Pizza?
 13:00-14:15   3x3x3  First round, average 3(5)
 14:15-14:45   Magic's  Magic, Master Magic and Snake, first round, average 3(5) (Snake is unofficial)
 14:45-15:30   Pyraminx  First round, average 3(5)
 15:30-16:30   3x3x3 BLD  Finals, best of three.
 16:30-17:00   Magic's  Magic, Master Magic and Snake, Finals, average 3(5)
 17:00-18:00   Dinner  Yleboard?
 18:00-18:45  Megaminx   First round, mean of three 
 18:45-19:00  Pyraminx  Finals, average 3(5)
 19:00-19:45   Square-1  First round, average 3(5)
 19:45-20:30   Clock  Finals, average 3(5)
 20:30-21:00   Megaminx  Finals, mean of three.
 21:00-late   6x6x6 + 7x7x7  Finals, mean of three.
 Late-wery late   Unofficials  Mirror Blocks, Siamese cube and such, maybe this will start parallell to 6x-7x.
 wery, wery late   Sleepy  Zzzzznore!
 08:00-09:00  Registration
 Waking up sleep overs, on site registration.
 08:00-09:00  FMC  Sleep overs and other early arrivals will have FMC.
 09:00-09:30  3x3x3  First round, average 3(5) (additional group for those who does not come Saturday)
 09:30-10:30  3x3x3 OH  First round, average 3(5)
 10:30-11:00  4x4x4  Finals, average 3(5)
 11:00-11:30  Square-1  Finals, average 3(5)
 11:30-12:00   2x2x2  Finals, average 3(5)
 12:00-13:00   Lunch  More pizza?
 13:00-13:45   2x2x2 OH  Finals, average 3(5) (unofficial)
 13:45-14:00   3x3x3 Feet  Finals, mean of three.
 14:00-14:30   3x3x3  Semi finals, average 3(5)
 14:30-15:00   3x3x3 OH  Finals, average 3(5)
 15:00-15:30   3x3x3  Finals, average 3(5)
 15:30-16:00   Pause  Cleaning a bit, fixing results and diplomas.
 16:00-16:15   Winners  Price ceremony.
 16:15-closing   Cleaning!  Now we clean the venue until it shines and put all furnitures back in PROPER! place.
 Later, at home   Sleepy  Waiting for the results to come up on the database... Zzzzznore!
Side events:
 Saturday 09:30  5x5x5 BLD  2 attempts but maximum 1 hour effectivly may be used.
 Sunday 09:30  4x4x4 BLD  3 attempts but maximum 1 hour effectivly may be used.
 Sunday 13:00  Multi BLD  1 attempt.
The side events will be held in a separate room parallell to the main competition. The main events Saturday and Sunday morning will have groups, we will try to fit in the big blindfold competitors in the first groups and let them start early, that way they will not miss any event exept 2x2x2 OH and 3x3x3 feet during the multiple blindfold event at Sunday afternoon.
Pre registration for participation is done from the competition page at the WCA database (registration) There you can also see who is already registrated for the competiton (participiants).
A participation fee will be taken to cover the costs for the venue and some snacks, drinks and such that will be available for all to consume during the days. The size is not yet decieded but will be in the order of 25-40 skr for each day (35 skr is about 3 euro). The final size of the fee is depending on how many participiants we will have and will therfore not be decided until the day.
The competition is organised by the Swedish cube network; Svekub in association with WCA. The WCA delegate will be Kåre Krig.
First try our forum (link) at SveKub (post in English if you like).
If you have questions about the competion, then contact me Kenneth Gustavsson
If you have questions about traveling, sleep over and such, contact the other brother Tommy Gustavsson
If you have questions about big BLD (tread) contact Mats Bergsten who is hosting the side events.
Questions about rules and/or the World Cube Association as such is best taken care of at it's own web site.