Welcome to the BASIC Lab! - 고려대학교 전기전자공학부 이형민 교수님 연구실

Our research spans a wide range of areas from analog / mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC) design to emerging microsystem applications. We especially focus on biomedical / neural / sensor / energy-related systems that need miniaturized low-power high-performance IC solutions for efficient and effective sensing, processing, diagnosis, treatment, and brain-computer interface.

Our research area includes the following applications.
  - Low-power high-performance analog / mixed-signal IC design  
  - Implantable biomedical devices and neural interface systems
  - Wireless power / energy harvesting / power management IC design
  - Sensor / data acquisition / compensation / signal processing IC design
  - FPGA-based hardware security
  - Any emerging microsystems that need IC solutions

[2019.10]  Prof. Lee received an Excellent Teaching Award for Electronic Circuits I course (2019 Spring).
[2019.10]  Resonant wireless power Rx paper (w/ Dankook Univ.) was accepted in IEEE J. Solid-State Circuits (JSSC).
[2019.09]  Minsung Um (MS/PhD) and Jungmin Kim (MS) joined our research group.
[2019.07]  Kyungsoo Jeong  graduated from BASIC Lab with his MS degree.
[2019.06]  FPGA bitstream analysis paper received a Best Student Paper Award (Sangil Lee) in IEIE Summer Conf.
[2019.04]  Prof. Lee received a BK21 Most Improved Achievement Award from EE, Korea University.
[2019.03]  Seunghun Choi (MS/PhD), Yunho Lee (MS), Hyunsu Lee (MS) joined our research group.
[2019.02]  Interpolation display driver IC paper was accepted in IEEE Trans. Consumer Electronics (TCE).
[2018.12]  Radiation-hardened IA paper was accepted in Electronics (ELEC).
[2018.11]  FPGA reverse verification paper received a Best Student Paper Award (Sangil Lee) in IEIE Fall Conf.
[2018.11]  State-based buck-boost converter paper was accepted in IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics (TIE).
[2018.10]  FPGA reverse engineering paper was accepted in Electronics (ELEC).
[2018.10]  Radiation-hardened SAR ADC was presented (poster) in KPS Fall Conf.
[2018.09]  Sangil Lee (MS), Minjae Kim (MS), Yusoo Jung (MS), Chaehyun Kim (MS) joined our research group.
[2018.05]  Neural stimulation efficiency paper was featured on IEEE TBME monthly highlights (TBME Link).
[2018.04]  Prof. Lee received an Excellent Teaching Award for Electronic Circuits II course (2017 Fall).
[2018.03]  Duckhoon Ro (MS), Han-Sol Lee (MS/PhD), Woojoong Jung (MS/PhD) joined our research group.
[2018.01]  Wireless secure authentication tag (w/ MIT) received a Best Design Award in ASP-DAC Conf.
[2017.10]  Radiation-hardened circuit design was presented (poster) in KPS Fall Conf.
[2017.09]  Kyungsoo Jeong joined our research group for MS course.
[2017.08]  Neural stimulation efficiency paper was accepted in IEEE Trans. Biomedical Engineering (TBME).
[2017.08]  Deep neural network processing unit (w/ IBM T. J. Watson) was presented in IEEE MWSCAS Conf.
[2017.03]  Prof. Lee joined Electrical Engineering, Korea University as an assistant professor (고대신문IDEC 뉴스).

[2019.09]  Invited talk, Energy-management IC for wireless power transfer, IEIE RF/Analog Circuit Workshop
[2019.08]  Invited lecture, Brain neural interface implants, Summer School by Korea Brain Engineering Society
[2019.07]  Invited talk, Energy-efficient system design for brain neural interface, DGIST
[2019.07]  Invited talk, Wireless power transfer techniques, IEIE SoC Summer Workshop
[2019.07]  Invited talk, Implantable biomedical devices with IC solutions, AWAD Conf.
[2019.01]  Tutorial class, Biomedical IC design, IDEC (KAIST)
[2018.11]  Invited talk, Implantable biomedical devices with IC solutions, Samsung Seoul Hospital
[2018.07]  Tutorial session, Neural interface system design, ITC-CSCC Conf. (Thailand)
[2018.03]  Invited talk, Wireless techniques for implantable devices, KIMM (Daegu)
[2018.03]  Invited talk, Implantable neural interface systems, KIST
[2017.11]  Invited talk, Implantable neural stimulation systems, IEIE Fall Conf.
[2017.11]  Invited talk, Neural interface circuits, ITRC Workshop (Ajou Univ)
[2017.08]  Invited talk, Wireless power/data transfer circuits, KIMM (Daejeon).
[2017.07]  Invited talk, Energy-efficient neural interface systems, Samsung Electronics