Lectures on perfectoid Shimura varieties III, IV

Wansu Kim (KIAS)

October 29 (Mon)  2018, 10:30~12:00, 13:30~15:00 아산이학관 526호   

AbstractThe purpose of this lecture series is to explain the main results of Scholze’s paper “On torsion in the cohomology of locally symmetric varieties” in the case of Siegel modular varieties. More specifically, I’d like to explain perfectoid Shimura varieties with Hodge-Tate period map (in the Siegel case), and how it can be used to construct automorphic Galois representations (in the case of GL(n) over Q).

There are a lot of technical details and rigour one could delve into, but to make this task manageable I will try to focus on how to work with various technical tools (instead of defining and explaining them rigorously).

I will try to plan so that lectures each day can “stand on its own”, and I will not assume that the audience have attended the overview lectures on the first day.