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A variety of services for managing Interstitial Cystitis

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*  All services are specifically designed for individuals and their families providing help for managing Interstitial Cystitis.

*  Learn how to manage chronic pain through effective pain management skills, guided imagery and visualization, relaxation, and meditation.  Read how our thoughts affect our pain in the articles section.

*  Learn diet tips and what types of foods might cause "flares."

*  Learn how to help your support system give you adequate support. 

*  Learn how to nurture self and discover your personal obstacles to achieving wellness. 

"The real question to the individual is; can you dig down inside yourself and find the energy to make a change?"

(Steven Feinberg, MD,  pain specialist)


  *  The Wellness Center accepts payment by cash, check, and paypal.

*  All phone consultations (except initial) must be paid prior to session.

*  Many insurance companies will reimburse for counseling services.

*  Sliding fee scale is offered based on financial need. 


Services Include:

  • Counseling/Psychotherapy/Coaching 
    • Phone consultation (initial 15 minutes free) 
    • Private session for individual, couple or family 
    • All counseling offered through Affinity Counseling Center 
  • Education for individuals, groups, and family members
    • Information for the newly diagnosed
    • How to live with IC day by day
    • What it means for a loved one to have IC
    • Pain management & coping skills
  • Diet and nutritional information
    • IC safe foods & trigger foods
    • Nutritional supplements for IC and general health
Referrals To Other Services:
  • Support group
    • Meet with other individuals diagnosed with IC 
  • Physical Therapy
    • Designed for IC patients, offered by Pamela Buttram, who has 28 years of PT experience
  • Gentle Yoga 
    • Special stretches and other yoga exercises designed for those with IC


Counseling/Coaching Sessions:

Initial Phone consultation - no charge (up to 15 minutes)       

Phone consultation (25 minutes)                         

Phone consultation (50 minutes)                         

Initial Assessment (50 minutes)                          

Counseling/coaching session (50 minutes)           

Group session (1.5 hours)                                  

Educational classes (varied times)                      

Support group (approx 2 hours)                           


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