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Welcome to the IC Wellness Center

This center is dedicated to offering health and wellness to individuals who have been diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (IC), now also known as Painful Bladder Syndrome (PBS), by offering a variety of valuable resources and services.* Approaching our health with a holistic frame of mind, which means viewing the individual as a whole person comprised of mind, body, and spirit, is one which promotes overall health and wellness. For individuals diagnosed with a chronic illness this is of vital importance, as one cannot live or heal without hope and/or the ability to cope.

I want to encourage everyone who has been diagnosed with IC/PBS to never lose hope!

The reality is historically, there are many frightening facts about this condition, but for most people, IC/PBS is very manageable through diet and a variety of treatments. Today in 2008, there is an increased amount of knowledge about IC/PBS compared to even a decade ago. Great strides are being made in discovering underlying causes, diagnostic tools for early detection of IC/PBS, and successful symptom management.  It is my hope that you will use this information to make informed choices and work together with your physician in managing your IC/PBS symptoms.

Recent statistics (taken from Bay Area Pain & Wellness Center) tell us that approximately 33% of Americans deal with chronic pain of some kind. That is a third of our nation! Learning to be creative in regards to our health and wellness, "thinking outside of the box," and taking charge of your health is the key to the successful management of a chronic condition. You can also help the IC cause by educating yourself and others, being proactive in promoting IC/PBS awareness, joining local and national support groups and associations, and writing letters to local media. Be your own health advocate, as no one is more motivated to find an answer than you, the IC/PBS patient!

The Wellness Center offers online resources as well as a variety of services which are helpful for managing IC/PBS symptoms. Please check out the blog to get news and tips on achieving wellness, as well as to share opinions and experiences living with a chronic condition. To learn more about Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome, please go to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Not yet diagnosed but think you have symptoms?  Here's a checklist of things you should do:

1. Take the Pelvic Pain and Urgency/Frequency Patient Symptom Scale (also known as the PUF).  Click here, then scroll down to take. (Click here to obtain a paper copy and score results). If the PUF indicates the possibility of an IC/PBS diagnosis (score 5 or higher), make an appointment with your physician and do the following:

2. Read through the FAQ section on this site, research the IC-Network and the IC Association.  To help educate your physician (as many still do not know much about IC/PBS) print off this informative article.  It's important that you take both the PUF questionnaire and this article to your physician and discuss the possibility of an IC/PBS diagnosis with him/her.  The next step might be to request a test called the Potassium Sensitivity Test (PST or KCL).  Please know that a more invasive procedure is not necessary at this time, (read interview with Dr. Rosenberg) UNLESS there are symptoms that may indicate a diagnosis other than IC/PBS.

3. If appropriate, ask for a referral to an IC Specialist. Check both the IC Network and the IC Association for specialists in your area.  

4. If you are diagnosed, we highly recommend that you join a support group, seek counseling to learn how to cope with a chronic illness, learn how to manage your diet, research treatment options, and above all stay hopeful!  There are many treatment options available and something will work for you.

*For those who suffer from other chronic and debilitating illnesses, you may also find these resources and services to be helpful.

The IC Wellness Center does not engage in the practice of medicine, and does not intend to give medical advice. No information on this website should be considered medical advice.
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"We are born to hope, love, live, learn, to know joy, to have faith that our lives have meaning, and, to find The Way." ~Dean Koontz


By Melynn



"Self portrait is a quick sketch from my journal in 1998, done a little more than a year after I got IC. Glad to say most of the rage has passed now. I have often thought one of the reasons I developed IC was because I
was a person who held everything in, the bladder being the perfect metaphor for the "holding tank of the body", and learning to express myself, both verbally and artistically has been a huge part of the key to my healing.

 Used with permission by



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