I am a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at UCLA, working with Prof. Stefano Soatto in the UCLA VisionLab. Before moving to Los Angeles and giving up on seasons, I obtained a B.A.Sc. (with Honours) in Engineering Science, with a Major in Electrical and Computer Engineering, from the University of Toronto in Canada.

A recent CV is available here, with a brief summary and publication list available here.

Contact: ktsotsos (at) ucla . edu
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Recent Highlights

  1. I will be presenting our paper on Robust Inference for Visual-Inertial Sensor Fusion at ICRA15
  2. I will be presenting our paper on Observability, Identifiability, and Sensitivity of Vision-Aided Inertial Navigation at ICRA15
    (finalist for Best Conference Paper)

Research Interests

My main interest is perception for autonomous robots, primarily using a combination of visual and inertial sensing, and building representations from these data that support high-level tasks such as long-term navigation, search, explorationdriving, or human interaction. In addition to visual-inertial integration for pose estimation and sparse 3D reconstruction, I am interested in dense reconstruction, semantic scene segmentation, and performing all of these tasks on embedded or resource-constrained platforms.

Recent Video Demos