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 I made a powerpoint game that is called "Atlanta Braves Algebra".  It is centered for the 8th grade and focuses on the standards involving statistical analysis.  Students can play by themselves or on teams.  The teams answer questions about batting averages, earned run averages, slugging percentages, and fielding percentages.  They weave their way through Turner Field while answering questions to help Bobby Cox with the team's stats.  If they land on "Attraction" Spaces and get the stat question correct, they have an opportunity to answer a baseball trivia question.  If they get this correct, they jump ahead on the gameboard to the next "Attraction" Space.  The first team to arrive at Bobby Cox's office is the winner!

This game can easily be implemented into the classroom.  It is a great way to allow students to continue to learn how to compute statistics, but at the same time, see that statistics are used in the "real world". This game could also be used to introduce probability.  All the questions could deal with the chances that occur during a baseball game vs the number of times they could happen!  This game is a great way to allow students to continue practicing a new skill, but at the same time, have to apply the knowledge they have gained to a specific task instead of just computing the problems like they would in a drill and practice situation.  It also uses a common activity, baseball, that will attract many students because they do not focus on the mathematics they are computing while playing the game.  It also promotes community in the classroom because it allows students to colaborate and work together as a team to win the game!      

Click here to see, and play, my game!