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Using Digital Images in the Classroom

     Digital Images and movies are a new-found wonderful for me in my future classroom!  I had the opportunity to create an iMovie on a teaching strategy.  After capturing footage around the UGA campus, we had the opportunity to use iMovie to edit our video.  We added titles, sound, transitions, and effects to our video to make the finished product.  While completeing this project, I was able to really learn about my teaching strategy.   Also, I was able to learn a lot about other teaching strategies from the movies of my fellow classmates.This concept could really be used in my future classroom by splitting up concepts among groups of students to help teach more than one concept at a time and relate them to each other.  I could also use it to introduce or close a particular unit.   Since I am a visual learner, watching these strategies really tied into how I learn, and I think it would help some of my students too!!

     This project brought up a very important strategy I hope to use in my future classroom--digital images and movies.  These are both great ways to integrate technology, but more than that, to provide another teaching style to help my students. One lesson I found, titled Fun with Fractions, uses digital images to help reitterate a lesson that works with fractions.  This is really great because it incorporates the 'real world' into the classroom.  I think the lesson extender in this lesson should really become part of the complete lesson because more depth is added and the students have an opportunity to learn more substance with fractions!  When the students are responsible for taking their own pictures and then altering them, it really teachs them to see that mathematics is all around them in their everyday world.  I also found a lesson M3 (M cubed) Math Movie Minutes, which has groups of students pick a math concept, and make a video to use to teach the class.  It is a lot like the iMovie I made in class with the teaching strategies, because every group chooses a different concept. 

 This concept is great if time is an issue in my classroom.  Even though I might have to go back and focus on main topics, this lesson allows students to become experts in certain concepts and teach their fellow students.  I am a full believer that we learn more when we are teaching, so this lesson fits perfectly with that belief.         

          Another lesson that uses a movie and digital images together is Our Math Trail

 I really liked this lesson because not only did it allow the students to work with the technology, but it used a variety of mathematical concepts together.  The students went out and found things in the real world, which is so important to keeping them interested, without realizing it, worked with mapping skills, which is a pertinate real world skill, and linked mathematical concepts together, which is one of a math teacher's main goals!  A fourth lesson that is a good example of incorporating a special kind of digital images, satallite images, is called Get the Picture.  In this lesson, students need to use math and science skills.  Linking curriculums is very important and this lesson allows that to take place.  Students probably do not have much use with using satallite images and being able to work with them and use them along with what they have learned in their classes is very important.  It proves to be important because it is a concrete example that students will use these concepts that they learn in the real world, depending on their job!  Giving them opportunities to experiment with these real world careers and work with the technology is so important for me to consider when becoming a teacher!

         Overall, I've really enjoyed learning to incorporate digital images and movies into my classroom.  I never realized it was so easy, and the movies that are quick and made by the teacher or the student, if done purposfully, can be so much more helpful than a professionaly made hour long video!  I believe that digital images can really help teachers to teach certain content more efficiently to students.  Not only do these things help teachers, but students are interested in these things!  They want to be able to use them, but at the same time, they can learn so much with their aid!  I, being a student with these tools, have learned so much by beginning to use them, so I know that they at least have a chance to learn from them.  These examples I have mentioned previously are great examples of how digital images and movies can work in the classroom, and I plan to look back at them so they can help me incorporate these tools into my classroom.  I never realized that I would ever use these in my classroom, but I've learned that they are easy to use but at the same time have a strong impact on my students.   

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