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About Me:

I spent 22+ years in the US Army where I was an instructor, and retired in 2001. I am privileged to have the time now to work on my 1955 Cliff May mid-century modern house when I am not sitting in front of the Blue Screen of Death waiting for inspiration to strike.

I have written several novels, including a 3-book mystery series, a full-length fantasy, and a couple of adventure romances, all of which I chalk up to "practice" for the real thing: short fiction.



About my friends and fellow writers:

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I write mystery and science fiction short stories. I have also written a couple of fantasy and horror pieces, some poetry and a few romance stories. 

Some of the magazines in which I am published are print only, but many have an online presence where you may read my stories for free.

I have also listed the Anthologies in which my work appears. Here are my stories by category and medium:



WOMAN'S WORLD (yes, the one at supermarket news stands!) published my short story, Key Witness - during the week of June 27, 1999. 

Great Mystery & Suspense Magazine  Vicki Lipira's classy print mystery magazine is new and exciting.  Visit the site online for details and some free stories.  My story, Dispatcher was published in 2006

Ässä (Ace)   Juri Nummelin's new flash crime fiction magazine from FINLAND has asked to reprint Working in the Suburbs.  Of course, I said YES!  Juri Nummelin - for those of you who don't know him - is a premier small press and newspaper publisher in Finland.  He also publishes a crime & mystery magazine,  Isku  (Punch) and is on the staff at Thrilling Detective. 

Cozy Detective Mystery Magazine This print magazine published two of my stories in the Spring and Summer 1998 issues, it is now sadly out of print.

On The Other Hand
Jeeves and the Catastrophe

Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine The Queen of short mystery magazines was edited by Margo Power.  Quarterly publication of this fine print magazine ceased publication in early 2001.

Hearts and Flowers  summer 1999

Half Full  spring 2000



Every Day Fiction  This sleek and cross-genre daily dose of short stories is delivered directly to the email inboxes of subscribers everywhere.  I am delighted that my story was selected as a Veteran's Day offering this year.

Veterans   November 2007

Editorial - Who Writes Short? 2009

FLASH SHOT  accepted three of my flash stories (under 100 words) for publication in 2006, another three in 2007, and six more (so far!) in 2009. Thank you Esther Schrader and GW Thomas!  This great venue is delivered daily into the email inboxes of thousands of subscribers.




Love Triangle  


The Trash

Wherefore Art Thou? 

Brave New World


Sure Thing  (July 6th)

Mark Decides on a Career in Plumbing

Nose Job

If You Feed Them, They'll Stay

Artist's Model

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

BLUE MURDER This was one of the very first - and finest - online mystery magazines, a very professionally-produced effort by David Firks. Unfortunately, Mr. Firks had to close the magazine in 2001.  He is very much missed.

Just Like in the Movies (Derringer nominee, 1999)
High Noon
Bette Davis Eyes
Freudian Sloop
The Invisible Woman (accepted but not published)


and Plots With Guns - these prestigious online publications simultaneously published my hard-boiled story, The Eyes Never Change - in early 2001. Many thanks to editors Victoria Esposito-Shea and Neil Smith for their terrific presentation.  Too Stupid to Live - was in Issue 20 of HandHeld Crime August2001. (Unfortunately, HandHeld Crime has closed and there are no archives, but Plots With Guns is returning in 2008!)

TheCase.com This is a delightful site for the mystery reader - you will find lots of stories, puzzles, teasers, flash mysteries and other related and intriguing items and links.  My Twist stories are:

The Do-Gooder December 2, 1998
The Other Woman October 21, 2000 (Derringer nominee 2000)

See No Evil August, 1998

Stories are re-published on the site all the time - there's no telling when one of mine may be up and available! 

Crime and Suspense  Editor Tony Burton runs a sophisticated ezine full of great stories, wonderful old time radio mysteries and hot contests.  Look for Summer Freeze in the July 2006 issue and in the PRINT ANTHOLOGY, Crime and Suspense Anthology I 2005-2006.  My story Summers in the Cottage  appeared during June of 2006 in the Summer Flash contest.

Mouth Full of Bullets  this is BJ Bourg's new hard-boiled ezine - published quarterly, and chock full of delicious shorts, columns and reviews. He graciously reprinted my short story, Working in the Suburbs in the premier issue.  The Eyes Never Change was subsequently reprinted also.

The Curve Ball Conspiracy is an interesting site run by Michael O'Mahony.  While not strictly speaking a mystery site, the eerie pictures are the inspiration for their companion short flash fiction and there is always at least an aura of mystery about each story.  Look for my story, Zoltar here.

Flashing in the Gutters  Flash Fiction for the Twenty First Century!   This beautifully done flash venue is a must read - editor Tribe does a terrific job, and it's a showcase for many seasoned professionals who like to write short (and I mean short!) fiction. 

Not a Pretty Sight, or Dances With Puppies and Unicorns  May 19, 2006

Working in the Suburbs May 13, 2006

Dog Day Afternoon  May 12, 2006

Moonlighting  May 10, 2006 

Note: Tribe has taken the site down due to a flame war - this is a loss to all of us.


"A DEADLY DOZEN "-  a Sisters in Crime Los Angeles Chapter anthology, look for my short story,

Ai Witness

" MURDER ON SUNSET BOULEVARD " - another great volume from SINCLA contains my short story,

Two Mules for Sister Sarita

"LANDMARKED FOR MURDER" - my third appearance in a SINCLA anthology! What does it take to balance the order of the universe at Caltech? Find out in It Doesn't Take a Genius

"CRIME AND SUSPENSE ANTHOLOGY I, 2005-2006" - Selected Tales from the Crime and Suspense ezine's first fifteen months, edited by Tony Burton.  Check out my story,

Summer Freeze

Look for all these books at bookstores everywhere and at amazon.com



Flashes of Speculation  Editor Jim Stitzel showcases short fiction in the science fiction, speculative fiction and horror genres.

Toshiba Layover  July 14, 2006

Scourge of Humanity  October 2007

APHELION Editor Dan Hollifield's long-running ezine is a mainstay of the genre. Check the author archives for these classics:

The Captain's Log
Language Barrier
Vinnie's Cargo
The Tanneh Death Chop: Dan's Story
Junkyard Carol
A Matter of Time
But I Am The King!


The Genome Project (poem) 

Slowing The Speed of Light (poem)

The Physics of Love (poem) 

The Garden of Stories (poem)

Six Ring Haiku (poem)
And look in the wonderful Mare Inebrium area for:

Sister at the Bar
There is Always a Reason
Cause and Effect
A Mare Inebrium to All and to All a Good Night

A new feature debuted in the June 1999 issue - look for the Author Interview (in the archives now) with...me!

Look in APHELION for the chronicles of the NIGHTWATCH INSTITUTE for Strategic & Economic Studies - and see what a handful of Aphelion's writers have wrought. Look for my own stories:

CARDENIO  October 2005 

DEATH VALLEY  July  2006

TITAN  Chad Cottle, Jody Speight and Steve Johnson did an excellent job editing this ezine...Unfortunately it has folded and there are no archives.

Mare Tranquillitatis

After the Fall Comes Winter

Neighborhood Clean Up

Yoon, inspired by the real Dr. Yoon of UCLA

Origins (along with a discussion of the city of Great Zimbabwe)..My story, "Neighborhood Clean Up" was voted one of the three top stories in Titan's first year of publication.  It appeared in the Special Anniversary Edition of Titan in August 1998. Thank you, readers and editors, for your votes and support. 

The Spiral Sea Jack Egan's eclectic ezine was only out for one issue – but a beaut it was. I sincerely hope the rather generous amount he paid me for the cover story did not contribute to this 'zine's untimely demise.  The issue is still available - go check it out.

The Spiral Seas 

Planet Magazine Be prepared for laughs from Andrew McCann, the editor of this fine ezine!
Check the archives (1998) for:

One of the Family

Eternity Online  Notice: this magazine has folded and I can't find any archives.

Jeebie's Gift was printed in the September 1998 issue of Steve Algieri's publication.

Spacer's Digest - The Bad Boy of Science Fiction  Notice! This wonderful 'zine has ceased publication. My story appreaed in the Premier Issue in August 1998

Mare Tranquillitatis

Neverworlds  An impressive and fully illustrated science fiction magazine from K. L.McPherson. Note updated link and check the archives for:


FrightNetOnline  Editor Ivan Graves' elegant horror 'zine has ceased publication

Baby's Breath 

Piano Piece

Underworld Magazine   Bobette Bryan's creepfest was a bold, if short-lived experiment. 

Shakespeare Kick in the Rear appeared in the November 1998 issue.

Fogfire  Kenneth Hoffman's literary (and literate!) 'zine was out for only 2 issues, but quality they were.
Check the archives for:

The Common Cold
(editor's note: "I chose Kate Thornton's "The Common Cold" as my featured story. The piece weaves a disturbing texture that kept me guessing and curious about the main character's reality.)

A Matter of Time (reprinted in Aphelion issue #42)

Spaceways Weekly  Outstanding Canadian science fiction weekly magazine

Ova and Out was in the May 1998 issue (#38) edited by Rigel Chiokis

DreamForge  Editor Rick Arnold deserves credit for one of the first literary and accessible ezines. There are no archives, but:

The Chinese Tinkerbelle in 1997 came in 5th in the Preditors and Editors readers' poll.

Smart Time was a winner in the Reader's Challenge in February of1998 - many thanks to editor Rick Arnold.

Temporary Position    June 1998

Pegasus Online  Editor Scott Marlowe's beautifully-done fantasy ezine. Check the archives for:

Minor Magic



"The One" combines the enduring nature of love and the heartbreak of disability in Breath and Shadow, editor Sharon Wachsler's amazing ezine and Journal of Disability Culture and Literature. The story appeared in the last quarter of 2006 issue.

Look for my first romance short story, "LifeSaver" in The Literary Journal's Special Romance Issue -'Amour ' published in hard-copy in December of 1998.



Look for "Taking Stock of Open Stock" in the November 2002 issue of AMATEUR CHEF Magazine 


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