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 Kevin 'Mr. Peace' Szawala's Inspirational Message Helping YOU Become WHO You Want 2 Be! 

The message has reached over 50,000 people! 

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School Assembly


May 2, 2012


9 AM -2 PM  


Chatfield School

231 Lake Drive

Lapeer, MI



Lunch with Students


May 3 & 4, 2012


11 AM -1 PM  


Millennium M.S.

61526 Nine Mile Rd.

South Lyon, MI



Key Club Talk


May 21, 2012


2 PM -4 PM  


Lapeer West H.S.

170 Millville Road

Lapeer, MI



Peace Concert


June 15, 2012


7 PM -11 PM  


Caribou Coffee

401 S. Main Street

Royal Oak, MI


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"Please know that every breath I take will be worth your time." Kevin Szawala

Message is customized to meet your needs!

The Message:

As in the name, the principal message focuses around being who you want to be, by first asking yourself who you want to be for this planet & your community.  Then, once you can answer that, you start looking for paths that will both foster and nurture who it is you want to be.  So many times, though, we get so caught up on trying to first answer "What?" do I want to be before asking ourselves the "Who?", and it was not until I asked myself that question that I knew what it was I wanted to do with my life and where my deeper passions truly laid.  

When you begin with the end in mind and think about how you want people to remember you by, all of a sudden your actions and decisions become based on who you want to be, which is hopefully a positive person for this world.  And all it took was one person telling me that I was already the speaker and leader that I wanted to be and I was off and running toward my dreams.

Let me be that one person that sparks the brains of those that will change this world...

The Challenge:

The destructive behavior plaguing our youth, such as substance abuse, suicide, violence, bullying and the list goes on, are merely the byproducts of greater root causes being feelings of loneliness, separation, alienation and lack of connection or purpose. These larger core problems must be addressed head on with the highest level of priority if we are to ever have success. Micro-managing the symptoms will only be putting another band-aid on the already intense situation at hand.

From the meetings I have had with various leaders and principals around southeastern Michigan, the common denominators for addressing youth issues have been that there is no one single cure-all and that everyone in that child's life (the child, their peers, educators, parents/guardians and the community at large) must play an integral part in the solution. Whatever program comes to your school, there needs to be some sustainable support process in place to keep the initial spark of a time the school was connected from flickering out.  That is where I come in...

The Solution:

Through my various involvements in speaking, hip-hop & the arts in general, I have taken the approach to create a lasting, sustainable change in the communities I do my work in through the arts by giving the youth something positive to latch onto; something that gives them a greater sense of purpose & fulfillment in their lives, whether it be volunteer opportunities, serving others or simply creating (music, poetry, drawing & other art forms).  I believe they need a medium in which to express themselves; an outlet that gets them connected & passionate about doing something that makes them come alive.

While the peer pressures to partake in the abusive habits will always be there, these outside influences to take negative actions toward themselves or others becomes virtually non-existent when they are so focused on constructive projects & goals in their life & are in general, on fire for living. Moreover, there is just not any more time for those destructive practices once they have experienced a transformation that has led to a renewed drive in their life from finding their greater passions (as I did mine).

I have read too many Facebook messages that say, "I'm Bored!" and have had too many friends who have told me, "Kevin, I need something in my life besides the drinking...besides the drugs!" It comes back to youth kindling an internal fire that gives them the sense of freedom & confidence needed to start every morning with a purpose. It is the Bowling Ball-Balloon example. You are either a bowling ball - solid with strong character, grounded in principles, morals & values, or you are a balloon - empty, & standing for nothing, just waiting to go along with the masses & do what they want. 

Who is less affected when 'knives' (dangerous outside pressure factors) come along?

In light of the deaths I have experienced in my own community due to a number of factors that could have been avoided (i.e., drug overdoses, drunk driving accidents, suicide, violence, etc.), the search for a solution to these ongoing issues has become very close to my heart & why I feel so called to offer any support or assistance I may be able to provide you in this challenge.

Please contact me via the "Request a Talk" link to the left or on the "Bookings" tab above if you would like to know more about the message I am sharing with ‘youth’ of all ages and are interested in having me come speak at your school, church or organization.

                                                                                                                                    Peace In, 

                                                                                                                                    Kevin ('Mr. Peace')