Who we are: 
What started out as a couple runners interested in qualifying for the Boston Marathon, the K-State Marathon Club have evolved into one of Manhattan's premier running clubs. We are K-State students consisting of various majors who love to run and push ourselves. Thousands of students run at  K-State, and for those who want more than the average 5k, join the K-State Marathon Club. Meet us by the Alumni Center at Old Stadium every Saturday at 8am for our weekly run. 

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Goals:                                                                                  Requirements:
  1. Create a dedicated running community                                   1. Must fill out the liability form.
  2. Help members achieve their running goals                              2. Must attend 60% of our Saturday morning runs.
  3. Use running to give back to the community

When are the group runs?
Every Saturday @ 8am. We meet by the Alumni Center in Old Stadium.
We also run throughout the week. Details are sent out through the LISTSERV.

How long are the group runs?
At the beginning of the semester we start out around 8-10miles. Towards the end we'll be around 22-24miles. You can also check out our Calendar.

How fast are the group runs?
We start out together at around 7:30-8 mpm pace. After a while, we break up with some maintaining that pace while others speed up.

What are the benefits of being a member?
Once in a lifetime opportunities. We are running a relay across Kansas and the Boston Marathon. And besides a group to train with, every member receives:

Does it cost anything to be a member?
Membership is free, provided you attend weekly runs and are involved with the club. 

Does the club cover race costs and travel expenses?
Travel costs may or may not be covered. It depends on which race the group is running.

What if I can't attend the Saturday group runs?
You can still be a member if your schedule doesn't allow you to meet every Saturday (ie work, school commitments). The club coordinates runs throughout the week via the email LISTSERV. Come to two of these runs to make up a missed Saturday run.