Article I.  Preamble

            Students with disabilities at Kennesaw State University have been growing in number but have not been growing in influence in campus affairs.  The absence of a forum for discussing the issues has made it difficult for the Disabled Student representatives on SGA and SABAC to gain a clear understanding of the concerns that students with disabilities face.  Therefore, the need for such a forum has been realized and this organization was created to provide a venue for discussion of these issues.


Article II.  Name

The name of this Kennesaw State University registered student organization shall be ABLE.  The acronym stands for Advocacy, Boldness, Leadership, Empowerment. 


Article III.  Purpose

            The purpose of ABLE shall be:

A.   To provide a forum for discussing the concerns of students with disabilities.

B.   To provide a strong voice for the growing disability community at KSU.

C.   To work in conjunction with the Coordinator of Disabled Student Support Services and the Disabled Student Representatives on SGA and SABAC to raise awareness of disability issues. 

D.   To provide a place where students with disabilities can receive peer support during their time at KSU.


Article IV.  Membership

            Section 1.  Eligibility

Membership in ABLE will be open to all KSU students who are interested in issues that concern students with disabilities.


            Section 2.  Membership requirements

1.    To join ABLE, students will need to submit their name, address, and telephone number to the Secretary.  Upon doing so, students will be considered members and will remain members until such time as they withdraw from Kennesaw State University or they decide to withdraw from ABLE.

2.    Students may withdraw membership at any time by requesting that the Secretary remove their name from the membership list.


Section 3.  Attendance requirements

Members will be encouraged to attend all meetings but there will be no attendance requirements.


Article V.  Officers

A.   Officers will be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

B.   Duties of office

1.    The President will be responsible for presiding over all meetings.  He or she will work closely with the Coordinator of Disabled Student Support Services and the Disabled Student Representatives on SGA and SABAC to ensure that the concerns of students with disabilities are addressed at Kennesaw State University.

2.    The Vice President will assume the responsibilities of the President in his or her absence.  Membership recruitment and maintenance will be the responsibility of the Vice President.

3.    The Secretary will be responsible for keeping the minutes of all meetings and will maintain the membership list.  The Secretary will also be responsible for notifying members of the dates and times of regular meetings.  He or she will assume the duties of the Treasurer in the case of a vacancy in that office.

4.    The Treasurer will be responsible for keeping track of all financial transactions.  The Treasurer will assume the duties of the Secretary in the case of a vacancy in that office.


C.   Qualifications

Officers must be currently enrolled as a student at Kennesaw State University and must be in good academic standing.


D.   Selections of Officers

1.    General Elections

a.    Officers will be elected during a meeting three weeks prior to the end of the Spring academic term and will assume office on the first day following final exams in the same term.

b.    All candidates for office will have the opportunity to make a presentation to the membership of the ABLE prior to a vote and the winner will be the candidate who receives over 50% of the votes cast (50% + 1 vote will be sufficient to declare the winner).

        2.  Filing of vacancies

Vacancies between General Elections will be filled by election at the first meeting of ABLE after the office becomes vacant.                        Elections will be conducted in the same manner as the General Elections.


E.   Removal of Officers

1.    Officers will be removed automatically should it be determined that they are no longer students at Kennesaw State University.

2.    Should the membership of ABLE feel that an officer has not fulfilled his or her duties or that he or she is abusing the powers of the office, impeachment proceedings may be initiated.  A majority vote of members present at a regular meeting of ABLE  or a petition with the signatures of a majority of ABLE members will be required to initiate impeachment proceedings (50% + 1 will be considered a majority).

a.    The officer will be notified by the Advisor that    

impeachment proceedings have been initiated and the  officer will be afforded the option of resigning prior to said proceedings.

b.    At a special meeting of ABLE, the concerns of the membership will be presented to the officer in question and he or she will be allowed to address these concerns to the members present.

c.    A 2/3 vote of the members present at the meeting shall be required to remove the officer from his or her office.


Article VI.  Meetings

A.   Regular meetings will be held at least twice per academic term and the dates will be set prior to the beginning of the term.  Members will be notified of meeting dates by the Secretary at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting.

            B.  Special meetings may be called by the President or Advisor.

1.    Initiation of Impeachment Proceedings shall be grounds for a special meeting.  All members on the current membership role will be notified by telephone or postal mail at least five (5) business days prior to meeting date and all members will be encouraged to attend.

2.    A special forum may be called to make members aware of situations which may arise on campus from time to time.

a.    Examples of situations would be any actions by the Administration, Student Government Association, SABAC or KAB which appear to be in contrast to the well-being of students with disabilities.

b.    The Representative of Disabled Students on SGA or SABAC may request that the President or Advisor call a special meeting of ABLE to allow him or her to gain input from the membership prior to voting on matters which affect students with disabilities.

3.    The President or Advisor may be instructed to call a special meeting by a petition containing the signatures of a majority of ABLE members on role at the time of the petition.

C.    Quorum

At least 25 percent of the members on the current membership list must be present at any meeting for official business to be conducted.


Article VII.  Committees

Committees may be created or abolished by a majority vote of members at any meeting of ABLE.  Committee Chairs will be elected during the same meeting and membership in the committee will be open to all members who wish to serve in it.


Article VIII.  Parliamentary Procedures

All business meetings shall be governed by the procedures contained in Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised unless contrasting procedures have been adopted by the membership of ABLE.


Article IX.  Amendments

A.   Amendments to the Bylaws of ABLE may be adopted by a majority vote of ABLE members in any official meeting of ABLE.

B.   Amendments are subject to approval by the Kennesaw State University Student Activities and Budget Advisory Committee. (SABAC)