Knowles Engineering
 Leveraging engineering design for science and mathematics education

Why Engineering? 

Engineering provides engaging contexts to learn and practice math or science.

"The engineering design process is really useful as a way to approach word problems (particularly word problems that don't have a specific question but it's also good for the traditional word problems, too). 

"I think it also helps build connections between math and science classes because it encourages me to use problems with meaningful contexts as well using language that's similar to what would be used in a science or engineering class - which helps my students build connections between math and science so that they can more easily apply tools that they learn in either class in the other one, too." 

-Math Teacher and Participant, South Carolina
Find out more about why Knowles is passionate about including engineering in math and science classes.  

What We Do
We work with teachers and districts to bring engineering into math and science classrooms through building teachers' capacity for teaching their existing content in exciting STEM-integrated ways. We currently offer the following services but would be happy to discuss other customized options.
    Knowles Academy Courses
    • Engineering Core Program: Year-long professional learning including one-week workshop and one year of coaching. Endorsed by the American Society for Engineering Education.
    • Introductory workshops
    • One-on-one coaching and support
    • Opportunities for professional leadership
    District-Based Services
    • Engineering-integrated curriculum development
    • On-site staff development programs
    • Classroom observation and debriefing
    • Remote observation and coaching
    • Administrative support