Protect and Preserve Dunmanus Bay

Dunmanus Bay Protection Initiative


The  Dunmanus Bay Protection Initiative is set up to :

1.      Preserve and protect Dunmanus Bay as a natural habitat for marine life, sustainable fishing, and enjoyment by locals and tourists as a place of natural beauty.

2.      Raise awareness of ‘ Best International Practice’ in the protection of the purity of the water in the bay and to develop a program to protect and sustain the marine habitat for wild fish stock and wild life in the bay area in an environmentally friendly way for the long term benefit of the people

3.      Inform all interested parties of any issues that would impact on the bay

4.  Support like initiative for other Irish bays.


In furtherance of our aims our current program prioritizes the cohesive opposition of this and other groups to the proposal by an international company know as Marine Harvest to site a commercial open cage salmon farm in Dunmanus Bay.

Some of the general grounds of objection are:


1.      Dunmanus Bay is not an appropriate bay for the placement and operation of the fish farm due to its depth, its tidal pattern and its existing marine life.

2.     The proposed operation as set out by the Marine Harvest would have detrimental short term effects and long term negative impacts on the marine environment, existing fish stocks and would endanger wild life.  The impacts include disease and parasite transfer, salmon escapes,and untreated waste emissions.  Unfortunately the current proposal takes no account of how to maintain or enhance the natural environment. It is internationally well documented that the proposed open net cage system cannot prevent the commingling of organic and non organic products and will have a substantial negative impact on the existing marine environment.

3.      Public Health consequences arising from use of antibiotics, biocids and chemicals as well as untreated waste emissions.

4.      There would be an immediate and long term negative commercial impact on  the local fishing industry.

5.      There would be an negative commercial  impact on tourism operations in the bay and on the coastal communities of the adjacent Sheeps Head and Mizen Head Penninsulas.

The opposition to the Marine Harvest proposal is widespread and strong and has united locals, fishermen, small business enterprises, tourist operators, tourists and all those who have a genuine concern for sustainability and environmental protection.

Please add your support and begin by signing the online petition to protect Dunmanus Bay



Photography by E.J. Carr