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Important Orders

Director of Public Instruction

DPC (Higher) 2012 Teaching Branch No.D6/80006/2011   dated 09.03.2012

SSLC 2012 : Circular about Photo uploading

ICT Hardware equipments to Govt. LP UP Schools - DPI Circular

ICT Procurement at Govt Schools :
G.O. by LSG Department | G.O. by Gen. Education Dept | Guidelines for ICT Procurement

Notification -correction of errors in admission register -delegate the authorization to Headmaster

Transfer of employees between un-economic schools under same management - Permitted

Conveyance Allowance to Physically Handicapped Aided Higher Secondary School Employees

Pay protection granted to teachers on retrenchment -clarification

Appointment of Teachers in the schools started functioning due to De-link of Pre- Degree - Approval of Qualification

Selection of qualified HMs/AEOs 'as Principals' in Govt. Higher Secondary Schools

Teachers Eligibility Test - Entrusting SCERT as the academic authority


DPI Circular on Class X ICT Training

SSLC 2012 New time table

Blank Hall ticket for SSLC 2012

Regular Students - PCN Candidates

Text Book indent for Plus one, Plus two, non vocational Text book

Kerala Part time Contingent Employees Provident Fund -transfer to other provident schemes

Education minister's letter to PTA president's of schools

Measures for dealing with - Strike of Feb 28th

Latest instructions regarding Teachers's Package
Data Entry

Text Book distribution - 2012 -13

Transfer ,Promotion and Postings of Officers in the cadre of ADPI,JDPI and DDE

Teachers Package - Sanctioning of Posts : Circular No.68058/J2/11/G.Edn dated 30.01.2012

IT Final Term Practical Examination for STD VIII and IX Circular - Instructions

List of CBSE/ICSE Schools for NOC

Easy Tax 2011-12

Kerala Annual Examinations 2011 -12
VIII & IX - STD I to VII (High School Attached)

Timetable for LP & UP Schools STD I to VII

Time Table for Muslim Schools : STD VIII & IX - STD I to VII

SSLC Continuous Evaluation Score - Online Data Entry

SSLC Model Exam Time Table

General Transfer of HMs and AEOs   Circular (1)
Circular (2)

Implementation of Spark compulsory from Jan12 bill 28-01-2012

DIET – Reposting of Lecturers after reversion 02.02.2012

General Transfer of HMand AEOs

List of CBSC/ICSE Schools for NOC :
Proposal Forwarded to Government - List of CBSE/ICSE schools for NOC - No-Objection Certificate - CBSE/ ICSE affiliation

National Talent Search Examination 2011 - Selection List

LSS USS Portfolio

Promotion to the cadre of Principal- DIET

DPI Circular about Publishing the Continuous Evaluation Mark for STD VIII, IX and X

State Special School Kalolsavam 2011- 12

Guidelines of State IT Fair -DPI Circular issued - State IT Fest 2012 - Schedule

Conduct of Sugama HIndi Examination -Enhancement of Examination Fees - Orders issued

General Education -SSA -EStt - Appointment of BPOS on deputation basis- sanctioned - Orders issued.

Transfer of Ministerial Staff (Gazetted)

Rules for making selection of candidates for the State Awards for Outstanding Employers and the most efficient Physically Handicapped Employees and APPLICATION FORM


National Voters' Day : Duty Leave for BLOs on the 24th & 25th January 2012

Kerala Entrance Exams - Submission of online application

RTI- Fee Concessions to BPL Family Members

Stipulation of attainment of 6 years for admission to class-1

Kerala State Special School Kalolsavam entry form and Instructions

Ente Maram School Competition On 14.01.2012

State Youth festival 2012 - Guidelines - Circular dated 16-12-2011

Online Adjustment Transfer - Palakkad Dist


HSA (Core Subjects)

Inter District Transfer

Teachers Package - DDE Palakkad
Provisional List of Protected Teachers
Provisional List of Retrenched Teachers

Appointment of Independent Head Teachers in LP & UP Schools
GO(P) No.256/11/GEdn dated 28.12.2011

Promotion and Postings of Officers in the cadre of Heads of Department

DPI Circular about Hardware Clinic

Spark : AG circular to Gazetted officers about submitting the pay slip details

Child Care Allowance to women employees having physically/Mentally Challenged un School going children

SSLC fees of PCN Students

English Training Letter of DPI

Study Tour Letter of DPI

OSS Allotment of Fund Order

Chief Ministers Letter to Head Masters

Pre Metric Scholarship Distribution Circular and Order

Teachers Package -

Teachers working without salary in Palakkad District

CIRCULAR-Centralized Valuation 2012(SSLC) - ACE/AE Examiner SSLC 2012 On-line Application - General Instruction For Application Filling

Important Circular on SAMPOORNA data entry Class 8 & 9

Posting of 4 newly recruited DEOs

Mid Day Meal Scheme - Hike in price of MILK - Circular & Order

Vanamithra Puraskaram - 2011.

Income Tax 2011-12 - Details reg.

Class-X A' Level Equivalency SAY Examination October 2011
D.P.C. (Higher/Lower) -2012

Final seniority list of HMs/AEOs from 29.5.2007 to 30.5.2008

Transfer and Posting in the cadre of Principals

DPI Circular about the subscription of Thalir Magazine

Celebrate Nov 28 as National Noon Meal day

Second Terminal Examination Time Table: STD VIII - X - STD I - VII

TBO Circular about Text book Online indent 2012-2013

DPI Circular about the Directions of Science Drama

Paryavaran Mitra Low Carbon Lifestyle School Competition : News Letter (Malayalam) - (English)

Merging of Typist Senior grade and Typist Selection grade as Typist Selection grade on Rs. 14620 - 25280

Seniority list of Deputy Director of Education

ICT Scheme - 2011-12 for Govt/Aided Schools

NOC for getting CBSE/ICSE affiliation

Group C Diversion Clarification DPI 29-09-2011

DPI Circular on time limit- Inter-district Transfer

Provisional seniority list of District Educational Officers

State Melas - Organizing committees

Appointment of Deputy Chief SSLC 2012 in Gulf and Lakshadeep

SSLC 2012 Clubbing Centers

Package for Non Teaching Staff  Circular

Application for NOC - date of extension/procedure/instructions issued

Delegation of Power to the Educational Officers -Age limit -Modified Order

Re-establishment of Arabic, Sanskrit and Urdu eligibility test

National education day on 11 11 11 reg.

Proceedings of DPI - Transfer and posting HMs

Central team to visit state Noon meal Program Project - DPI Circular

History Quiz Circular

Departmental Test Notification PSC Kerala

An Important Press Release from Exe. director it@school on SAMPOORNA

Departmental Test Jan-2012. Notification

D.P.C. - Confidential Report Preparation

Circular about the details of Tenth standard data in Sampoorna Portal

Malayaladinaghosham Circular

Post creation in New aided higher secondary Schools

Implementation of package Clarification sought

Students in Class X - Relaxation in the age limit

UID for School Children - DPI's Circular

Staff Fixation - Appeal Hearing and File Adalath

Scheme for development of infrastructure in minority educational institutions of Elementary/Secondary and Higher secondary level

Instructions  ll   Scheme (IDMI)    ll      Application Form

SSLC Exam 2012 - HMs' Orientation program center

Mid day Meal Program : Circular about including leafy vegetables in Curry - verification on the Mid day meal logo in the outside wall of Schools - Mid day Meal Logo (Colour)

Cluster Training Fund Utilization Circular from RMSA

Primary HM Higher Grade Modified Fin 17-10-2011

National Award for Teachers Application Form and Instructions

OSS Circular

Final Seniority List of HMs and AEOs for the period from 23/07/08 to 12/01/11

LSS/USS Examination 2011

Promotion & Postings of HM/TTIs/AEOs : Order - No.D5/6464/2011/DPI dtd 14.10.2011

SSLC Exam Concession to CWSN Students

Students Strength as on 03-10-2011 Letter DPI

Training for HSA (Eng) in rural and tribal areas

Data collection of computer in Primary Schools

Mid Day Meal Scheme - Minimum wage of cook enhanced to Rs.150/- Order

Conduct of festivals Circular DPI 12-10-2011

Guide lines for conducting IT Fest in Subdistrict/Revenue District Level
Circular - No.NEP3//67304/2011/DPI dated 12.10.2011

STD X Social Science - Chapter 1
Circular - QIP/34287/2011/DPI dated 10.10.2011
Malayalam Medium       English Medium

Provisional List of Retrenched Teachers
Circular - No.H2/35920/11/DPI  dated 12.10.2011

Guide Lines for issuing No Objection Certificate to Schools for getting CBSE/ICSE affiliation
Order - G.O.(MS) No.202/11/G.Edn. dated 07.10.2011

List of Excess Teachers working without salary and Protected Teachers Order  -G.O.(P) No.205/2011/G.Edn dated 07.10.2011 (Erratum to G.O.(P) No.199/2011/GEdn dated 01.10.2011)

List of 3361 excess teachers working without salary (Appendix I)

List of 2939 protected teachers (Appendix II)

 Educational Package Order -G.O.(P) No.199/2011/G.Edn dated 01.10.2011

Science Fair 2011-12
Circular DPI 30-09-2011    Theme

Malinya Vimuktha Keralam - 2011  Circular -No.M4/64512/2011/DPI dated 29.09.2011

An Important GO reg. deadlines of SPARK implementation in Offices

Fire Extinguisher - Circular from Gen.Edn.Dept.

School Vehicles - Security Directions -Circular - No.M4/40015/2011/DPI dated 27.9.2011

DPI Circular about Inter District Transfer

Transfer,Promotion and Postings of DDE and DEO

Change of  examination date (Muslim Calendar schools)

Citizens' Charter of Director of Public Instructions

Directions about the application for Booth Level Officer - Online Application

Remuneration for Pre-Primary Teachers & Ayas

Aided Schools  - Staff Fixation - Benefit of 1: 40 Teacher - Student Ratio extended to the Academic Year 2011 -2012

Salary Increment for Daily Wages Teachers of Govt. & Aided Schools

Date of Birth Application Form (New) and Instructions 

Application For Certificate Correction other than Date of Birth (New) and Instructions

Festival Allowance to Noon Meal Cooks Order Gen Edn 05-09-2011

Games Selection Trial Circular DPI 03-09-2011

DIET - Transfer & Promotion of Principals

DIET - Transfer & Promotion of Lectures

SAMPOORNA- Extention of Date Reg.

Text Book Circular 23-08-2011

IEDC- Details of balance fund kept at different offices / Additional requirement reg- Letter from the DPI

New Training package to Teachers - Data collection regarding training centers

IEDSS Salary to Attendants appointed in High Schools Order DPI 25-08-2011

Athletic Fund Circular from DPI 24-08-2011

Pareekshabhavan Circular about the Collection of Old certificates of SSLC/Say Exams

Provisional Seniority list of HM's for the period from 23.07.08 to 12.01.2011

Clarification to Order GO(P) No.10/10 Gen Edn dated 12-01-2010

National Award for Teachers for "Using Technology for Innovations in Education"

Entry form and ICT Award Guidelines For more details click here

Computer training essential for probation declaration of teachers

Onam special rice

DPI Circular about SAMPOORNA

Sanskrit Scholarship to pure Sanskrit school Circular and proforma

DPI Circular about the Sanction of English medium Parallel division

Selection of qualified HMs AEOs as Principals No.D5/89555/10/DPI dated 04.08.2011

Application Form and Notification for the Post of BPO

DPI Circular about Onam Examination 2011-12

Staff Fixation Salary of 1:40 teachers Clarification

Staff Fixation - Instructions to relies Salary

PTA Award 2010-11 Aplication Form

RMSA Fund Utiliztion Circular

Ban of Narcotic/Alcoholic materials in the school premises -Circular of the DPI with further directions

Ente Bhasha - Seminar Program - Application Form

Teachers Day Celebrations 2011-2012

Adjustment Transfer of AEO HMs  No.D5/6464/2011/DPI dated 27.07.2011

By Transfer HSST(Jr.) to HSST


Service Consultant 4.4

Higher Option Transfer of HM AEO

Financial help to the students who participated in school kalolsavam(Annual income below 75000)

Directions and application form about Teachers Award 2011-2012

IEDC-Utilization of previous year's balance kept at offices- Instructions

DPI Circular about Sanskrit Council formation

DPI's Circular on ICT Trainings for 2011-2012

RTE No Special Fees in Schools upto Std 8 Gen Edn 26-05-2011

Festival Fund Gen Edn 20-06-2011

Teachers Day Celebrations 2011 Circular Gen Edn 20-06-2011

Circular -Age of Students of STD 10, for the year 2011-12

Application for out of turn promotion as HM/AEO from Tamil/Kannada knowing HSA's

Issuing of State NOC to CBSE / ICSE Schools Gen Edn 10-06-2011

Promotion and postings in the cadre of HMs/AEOs -Orders issued

Scholarship scheme for IED Students-circular

Vidyaramgam Sahithya vedi 2011-12 :  Formation - Competitions

Sports 2011-12 & Athletic Fund

Application invited for Resource teacher (IEDSS) 2011-12'

Transfer,Promotion and Posting of Officers in the Cadre of ADPI,Joint DPI,DDE and DEOs-Orders issued

Notification for Pre-Primary Teacher Training Course

HSE : Fresh Applications from SC/ST students- Instructions to Principals

Text Book An Important Circular: Circular - Format

Appointment of Clerk/Typist/Attender/Peon staff in LP/UP Language Teacher Post-Orders issued

DPI Circular : Instructions about the Noon Meal program for the year 2011-12

Government order about the power to put signature for the certificate of swimming

GO about Normalizing Grades CBSE

Government order : Plus One Admission to CBSE/ICSE Students

One Day Verification 2011-12 : General Instructions - Directions to the Verification officers

RMSA Circular about the utilization of grant issued for Govt Schools - Proforma

SCERT : Archival collection of Text books

Activities of Access Guidance

Technical Schools included in Noon Meal Programme DPI 26-05-2011

Pre-Matric Scholarship 2011-12
Application Form

DPI Circular : Haritha Keralam Project 2011-2012 & Application form for the requirement of seeding in School

Plus one - Sports/Management/Community Quota Admissions-Instructions

Notification of State RTE Rules G.O. (P) No. 100/2011/G.Edn.dt. 30.04.2011 S.R.O. No. 291/2011

DPI Circular : Instructions about the Noon Meal program for the year 2011-12

DPI Circular about Muslim/Nadar/Anglo indian/OBC/forward communities scholarship 2011-12

RMSA Post Creation in Newly upgraded Schools Order Gen Edn 19-05-2011

Recognition to service organizations of Teachers - conducting of Referendum - Orders issued

 Inter district transfer of Govt.School teachers/HSAs/PDT's/Language Teachers/Specialist Teachers on compassionate ground list
Notification Districtwise list

Guidelines on the mode of writing examination for students of unrecognized schools which opt admission to Govt/Aided/Recognized schools- Orders issued

National Means Cum Merit Scholarship 2011-12  Examination Results

HM AEO Transfer Final List

Admission to STD XI In the technical Higher Secondary Schools under IHRD 2011 – 2012
Notification - Prospectus - Application

Special SAY & PCN Blank Hallticket SSLC - 2011

Malayalam Compulsory in Schools Gen Edn 06-05-2011

Standard X : Text book price

Departmental Test 2011 - Notification

Transfer- Circular on Hill area weightage reg

Newly upgraded schools Classes should start for 8th, 9th and 10th Std from June 1st 2001

Annual Exam Time Table (HS) Muslim Schools

CR required in the cadre of HSA for departmental
promotion committe(lower) 2011

CR required in the cadre of Junior superintendents for the posting of senior superintendents

3% reservation in appointment for physically handicapped candidates in Companies/Corporation/ Boards-orders issued

Aided schools clerk - exempted from Departmental test

DIET- Deputation of district programme officers to SSA-reversion to parent department -orders issued

TTC Course Notification and application form
a) Govt & Aided TTC b)Unaided TTC

Promotion and postings in the cadre of senior superintendents

DIET Principals charge arrangement - Full additional charge - Orders issued

Retirement on superannuation of gazetted ministerial officers

Charge arrangement - Full additional charge-gazetted teaching staff I -orders issued

Primary schools-Seniority of school teachers on retrenchment -clarification issued

Final seniority list of Tamil knowing HSA eligible for Promotion as Headmaster for the year 2009-10

Final seniority list of Kannada knowing HSA eligible for Promotion as Headmaster for the year 2009-10

Mother tongue learning in Kerala
Report  Practical suggestions

B.Ed degree in LIFE SCIENCE equated to B.Ed degree in NATURAL SCIENCE- Orders issued

Degree of Tripple Main as alternative qualification for High School Assistant-accepted -Orders issued

Oualification for the post of HSA (Natural Science) modified- Orders issued

Application Called for Diploma in Arabic and Urdu General  Quota DPI 07-02-11
District Sports Coordinator

Order - Appointment of Aided School teachers-detailed clarification

Order - Priority of 43 claimants of "New" schools over 51 A claimants

SSLC EXAM CONCESSION TO CWSN 2011(Second list) Order and List of CWSN eligible for exam

High School and Primary Teacher and Primary HM Online Transfer Circular DPI 16-02-2011 To Submit application Click Here

HS HM AEO Online Transfer Circular DPI 01-02-2011 To Submit application Click Here

SSLC March 2011 - concession granted to CWSN under IED

Circular from Text book Officer about online indent

Notification /Circulars inviting application for selection for various Courses for the year 2011-2012

Show Cause Notice to Aided School Managers on providing basic facilities in schools

IT Practical Annual exam 2011 for STD VIII & IX

SSLC -2011 Hall Ticket download - reg

Transfer and Posting of Officers to the Cadre of DEO G Edn 9-2-11

Proforma  for existing  unrecognized schools to furnish required details

DPI Circular on Transfer and Postings 2011-2012

Online Transfer of HM / AEO Circular DPI 01-02-2011

Nabidinam -Regularisation of holiday-orders issued

Order - Degree of Triple Main as alternative qualification for HSA

Duty time arrangement of staffs deputed for 2nd Phase Census work.

LSS/USS exams & Screening test - Common Instructions

Applications invited for enrollment as Assistant Superintendents /Invigilators (External) for PSC Examinations Press Release - Details and Application Form

Circular & directions for General transfer of Junior Superintendents ; date extended to Feb 5

Text Book Online intending Process for the year 2010-11

Milk Circular DPI 13-01-2011

Circular on Grace Marks(Sports)

Laptop and Net book for Teachers--

DPI Circular on Spark Implementation

Circular about the CE monitoring for STD VIII , IX

Day off for night duty in SSLC dates

Transfer of Ministerial Staff (Gazetted) of Education Department  Circular DPI 4-1-11

Application invited for the post of Research Assistant on deputation basis SCERT 04-01-2011

Observance of Palliative Care Day

Circular on C.E Score SSLC 2010-'11

Portions avoided for SSLC Examination 2010 -11

Transfer and Promotion HS HM / AEO DPI 12-01-2011
Muslim Girls - Nadar Scholarship 2011

Circular for ACE/AE of SSLC - 2011

General Instruction for ACE/AE of SSLC-2011 Application Filling

Regularization order: Leave Sanctioned on the National strike dated 07-09-2010

Ration Rice to Noon Meal Cooks in Schools

List of HSA's to be considered(CR required 2008-2010)for the DPC meeting to be held during the year 2011

Blind/PH Scholarship(BPHFC) 2010-11: Notification Issued

Creation of Supernumerary Post against Retirement Vacancies DPI 22-12-2010

The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Kerala Rules 2010
Press release Kerala RTE Rule 17-12-2010

Transfer,Promotion and Postings of Officers
Orders Issued

D.P.C.(Higher/Lower) 2011

Appointment of Teaching /Non-Teaching staffs in Panchayath Schools -Loss of posts-guidelines issued

Promotion of Kannada graduate teachers as HM - Orders issued

Date of birth change for pupils transferred to Central syllabus

Casual leave for provisional employees

Notification : District Merit Scholarship: 2010-11

Notification : Suvarna Jubilee Merit Scholarship (SJMS) 2010-11

Notifcation : State Merit Scholarship (SMS)2010-11

Notification : Muslim Girls Scholarship (MGS)2010-11

SSLC PCN candidates' Fees Date Extension Regarding

DPI Circular about Sainik School Entrance Examination

Pledge for the day of elephantiasis prevention

DPI Circular about Milk distribution in schools

"Keralanadanam" for Boys and Girls included in kalolsavam

DEO Direct Recruitment

Promotion,Transfer and Posting of Educational Officers  Order

Retention of full time posts by virtue of Group "C' diversion -canceled- Order issued

Physical Education -Qualification of Teachers Revised Orders issued

Application form for the SSLC Duty as Dy. Chief Supt & Invigilator in Gulf & Lakshadweep

GIS Extension of time limit

Circular to utilize special fee amount for the purchase of Library books in "1000 books for 1003 schools" scheme for Govt Schools

Protected teachers salary - Order

Contingent Charge 2nd Installment DPI 29-10-2010

Milk Supply Contingent Charge DPI 29-10-2010

Re-arrangement of Protected Teachers  Disciplinary action - Order

Census 2011 Appointment of Enumerators Supervisors and Master Trainers Census Director 11-10-2010

Haritha Vidyalayam: List of Selected Schools

IT Audit - HS/ HSS and VHSS  Circular  Proforma

Seniority List Peons up to 2009 DDE 18-10-10

Seniority List Peons up to 1992 DDE 18-10-10

Inter district Transfer 2009 -2010  Instructions for HMs/AEOs and DEOs

General Education - IT Fest 2010  circular

Higher Secondary Principal Promotion DPC Approved

Public Holidays of the Year 2011

Provisional Seniority List of Tamil knowing HSAs

National Means Cum Merit Scholarship 2010-11 Application Form

NTS Exam 2010-11 Circular Application Form

Model ICT Schools DPI 05-10-2010

Competitions for HS & HSS Students PRD

World Space Week

Inter District Transfer Circular II DPI 24-09-2010

National Teachers' Award Circular Directions

Appointment approval in additional division - Clarification

Protection in Parent School Modified Order Gen Edn 24-09-2010

Gandhijayanthi Circular LSG 25-09-2010

Milk Supply to School Children Gen Edn 24-09-2010  Address of Milma Managers

Promotion of HSST as HM AEO WP(C) Complied with Gen Edn

Mid Term Exam Starts only on Nov I - Revised Time Table HS Section DPI Letter

I:40 Order Gen Edn 22-09-2010

DPI Circular on Office functioning

Haritha Vidyalayam reality Show Instructions Application Form

New Directions to implement School Noon Meal Programme DPI 09-09-2010 New Ready Reckoner

Energy Conservation Circular 09-09-2010

Sugama Hindi Pareeksha 02-09-2010

Vigilance Committee in Schools DPI Circular

World Space Week 2010

School Health and Hygiene Circular Indicators

New attachment of Master Trainers DPI 14-09-2010

Milk Supply to School Children DPI 17-09-2010

September 18 Free Software Day DPI Circular 17-9-2010

Corporal Punishment DPI 08-09-2010

Online Birth Certificate Gen Edn 02-09-2010

Gandhi jayanthi Quiz details

tpfp 2009-10 Second Phase Results Palakkad Dist

Court order to give Undertaking

SSLC Examination 2011 Notification

Education Reality Show

Scout and Guides Election Notification

IED Scholarship DPI Circular 06-09-2010 Proforma   Circular for Std 1X to XII Students

UP Schools included in SEED DPI Circular

TEP Circular DPI 17-08-2010

TEP Monitoring Format

OSS Format

Transfer and Posting of DIET Senior Lecturer Gen Edn 03-09-2010

Ente Maram Competitions for School Children

Inter District Transfer Revised Circular

Text Book - Direction to School Societies for Accounting the Price Gen Edn 17-08-2010

Vidyarangam Circular DPI 18-08-2010

Inter District transfer Circular DPI 16-08- 2010

LPSA UPSA Seniority DPI 18-08-2010

Implementation of Judgment Gen Edn 03-06-2010

Onam Special Rice Gen Edn 16-08-2010

Festival Allowance to NMP Cook Gen Edn 16-08-2010

Free accident Insurance to School Children Gen Edn 05-08-2010

Circular of Text Book Officer Proforma

HM AEO Transfer and Promotion DPI 03-08-210

Concessions to CWSN Students appearing SSLC equivalent Exam DPI 02-08-10

Staff Fixation July Salary DPI 30-07-2010

School Parliament Election Muslim Schools DPI 30-07-2010

Staff Fixation Date Extended Gazette Notification

School Parliament Election Dates Gen Edn 23-07-2010

Posting of Protected Teachers in Juvenile Homes Gen Edn 15-07-2010

Promotion of SS  Transfer of SS   Transfer of PA DPI 23-07-2010

New Higher Secondary Courses in 178 High Schools Gen Edn 20-07-2010

Inspire Exhibition DDE 27-07-2010

School Clubs DPI 12-07-2010

Seniority List of SS 31-07-2001 to 07-01-2010

Seniority List of AA/AO/APFO 31-05-2005 to 30-04-2010

Pre Metric Scholarship Extension of date DPI 17-07-2010

English Teacher Training DPI 08-07-2010

Transfer Promotion of AA/AO/APFO DPI 14-07-2010

Inspire Award DPI DDE Letter  List of Winners

NMP Egg Distribution Poultry Development Corporation as Agency DPI 13-07-2010

NMP e-Banking DPI 13-07-2010

Appointment of Teachers in the Vacancy of OSS  DPI 06-07-2010

Inculcate Scholarship

Secondary Higher Secondary Exam 2010-11 Directions to Chief Superintendents
Model Score Sheet

Pre Metric Scholarship Direction to HM DPI 29-06-2010
Direction to AEO DEO

Census Earned Leave Gen Edn 30-06-2010

Muslim Girls Scholarships Notification Order Enhancement Order

Purchase of Handbooks of Std IX DPI 17-06-2010

Admission of Students from unrecognized schools - Time limit extended to 14-07-2010 Gen Edn 28-06-2010

Aid to Pre Primary Teacher and Aya (PTA) in Govt Schools Gen Edn 23-06-2010

Total Physical Fitness Program DPI 21-06-2010

IED Medical Assessment Camp Circular DPI 19-6-2010

Higher Secondary Notification
Additional Batch   Additional Batch in Unaided    New Unaided Schools

Pre Metric Scholarship 2010-11 Notification Application Form

Abolish of Shift in Schools Gen Edn 04-06-2010

Pre Primary teacher Training Notification DPI 25-05-2010

Area Notification of Unaided Schools DPI 24-05-2010
Erratum Notification

Reading Competition Library Council 13-05-2010

Text Book Distribution Monitoring Committee DPI 12-05-2010

Swimming Signing of Certificates G Edn 12-05-2010

Scholarships DPI 25-05-2010

HSA to HM / AEO Promotion DPI 25-05-2010

School Uniform DPI 13-05-2010

Details of Students DPI 12-05-2010

SWA Equating CBSE Grade with SSLC Gen Edn 17-05-2010

Price of School Text Books Gen Edn 10-05-2010

Govt Aided Employees Leave application inclusion of Service Book GEdn 10-5-2010

Admission of Students from Unrecognized Schools in Govt / Aided Schools Gen Edn 17-05-2010

LWA for Training before 24-05-2005 counting for benefits Gen Edn 28-04-2010

KSEPF Account Settling Gen Edn 11-05-2010

HM/AEO Transfer DPI 13-05-2010

Age relaxation limited to three months G Edn 5-10-2010

English Parallel Division Clarification Gen Edn 06-01-10

Scholarships 2010-11 Order Circular and Calender

Ente Maram Padhathi

Census 2011

Muslim School Calender Change DPI 9-4-2010

Filling up of Vacancy in Panchayath Schools Gen Edn 26-04-2010

Reservation of Class IV to LDC Enhanced   P&ARD 5-4-10

Compassionate ground Inter Dist Transfer Letter Priority List

Protection of Teachers facing reversion to lower posts Gen Edn 20-03-10

Claim under 51A Clarification Gen Edn 27-1-10

Vacation Training Earned Leave Surrender Gen Edn 30-01-09

Vacation Training Earned Leave Gen Edn 12-08-05

1:40 Clarifications Gen Edn 19-01-10

Aided School Clerks Exempted from Departmental Tests Gen Edn 18-01-10

Appointment in Additional Divisions Gen Edn 12-01-10

LSG schools as Govt Schools Gen Edn 02-01-2010

Full Time Benefit to Part Time Specialist Teachers Gen Edn 31-12-2009

List of Specialist Teachers to whom are given Full Time Benefit

Date of Birth alteration of Pupils Gazette Notification 06-11-09

Teachers Temporarily appointed in Panchayath Schools Regularized Gen Edn 21-11-09

Kerala Gazatte 6 Oct 09 Areas of Social and Ednal Backwardnes of Muslim Community

Survey for NPR GEdn 14-10-09

Special Rice Transportation Charge DPI 22-09-09

Tamil States co GEdn 15-9-09

Higher Level Verification GEdn 24-8-09

Incentive to SC ST Girls of Std IX

Leave Sanction Aided Schools Clarification DPI 18-2-09

SSLC Grace Mark DPI 28-1-09

Filling up of Vacancies of LPSA UPSA in Govt Schools GEdn 3-7-07

1:40 G.O.(P) No. 167/08 GEdn 20-9-08

Spl Fee Accumulated Balance Utilization 9-7-08

Provisional Seniority List of HSAs from 01-01-1986 to 31-12-1990 DPI 28- 08-08

Provisional Seniority List of HM/AEO DPI 23-07-2008

Posting of Teachers by Daily Wages DPI 17-07-2008

Provident Fund - Fixing of upper monetory limit for various sanctioning officers DPI 08-07-2008


Finance Department

Group Personal Insurance Scheme-Time limit for joining the scheme-Extended

Ceiling on Traveling Allowance of State Government Employees - Revised

House Building Advance - Second Batch List of selected employees

Creation of Supernumerary post against retirement vacancies

HBA Scheme-Time Limit for encashment-Extended

7% hike in DA/DR; Orders Issued

Disbursement of Pension on the date of retirement - Orders reg

Directions from state Finance Officer on withdrawal from GPF

Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for 2012

Eligibility for Family pension to parents and unmarried daughters above 25years-Orders Modified

Pay Fixation 2009 - Part time contingent employees - Further Clarification

Pay Revision 2009-Exercise of option on promotion-Modification

General Provident Fund(Kerala)Rules-Withdrawal from the Fund

KSR-Combination of Appointments-Payment of Special Allowance

Drawal/Refund of Temporary Advance-Levy of Interest
GO(P)No. 419/2011/ Fin Dated 04/10/2011

Special allowance Clarification

Unification of Date of Superannuation-Review-Cabinet Sub-Committee Constituted

 Pay Revision 2009  Re-option permitted

Part-Time Contingent Employees- Pension and related benefits-Revised

Kerala Service Rules Monetary Limits Revised

Defacement of Currency Notes-Instructions issued

Special Conveyance Allowance-Admissibility during Special Casual Leave -GO(P)No.404/2011/ Fin Dated 24/09/2011.

Disbursement of Personal Entitlements of Employees through Banks-GO(P)No. 402/2011/Fin dated 23/09/2011.

Group Insurance Scheme- Rate of Subscription Revised - Revised Rate of Subscription

Arrears of Dearness Allowance-Crediting to PF Accounts-Time Limit Extended

Ad hoc Bonus/Special Festival Allowance 2011 to Govt.Employees/ Pensioners-Sanctioned : GO(P) No. 370 / 2011/Fin Dated 27/08/2011

Onam Advance to Govt.Employees-Sanctioned : GO(P)No.371/2011/Fin Dated 27/08/2011

Cabinet Sub-Committee on raising of Retirement age and Right to Service Act

Ramzan & Onam; Early Disbursement of Pay and Allowances Order

Paternity leave sanctioned - Guidelines issued

Special Casual Leave for parents of physically/ mentally Challenged-Guidelines

Special Casual Leave to undergo Chemotherapy/ Radiation/Kidney Transplantation -Guidelines

House Building Advance-Online registration from 01/07/2011 to 02/08/2011

Pay Revision 2004 : Sanctioning of HM (HG) to High School Head Masters, who had enjoyed notional fixation in the post of HSA Senior/Selection Grade up to 28-2-2006; Clarifications

Rectification of Anomalies in the Pay Revision Order-Instructions issued

House Building Advance Scheme to State Government Employees; Extension of time - Circular No.27/2011/Fin Dated 12/05/2011

Circular No.25/2011/Fin Dated 06/05/2011 Authorisation for effecting payment of Dearness Relief to pensioners

G.O (P) No. 210/2011/Fin dated 06/05/2011 Erratum to the Govt.Order on DA/DR

Travelling allowance Circular No.13/2011/Fin Dated 11/02/2011

Wages of Casual sweepers GO(P) No.199/ 2011 /Fin Dated 30/04/2011  

6% DA Increase G.O (P) No. 180/2011/Fin dated 11/04/2011

Early Disbursement of Pay G.O(P)No. 184/2011/Fin dated 12/04/2011

Online Submission of Annual Property Returns Circular No.S.S2/10/Fin dated 20/12/2010,

Revised the rate of DA w.e.f 01/07/2010 to State Service Pensioners/Family Pensioners

Self Drawing Officers' Salary through Treasury Savings Bank accounts with effect from 01/01/2011; ordered

State Insurance; Introduction of Dhana Varsha and Dhana Samrudhi insurance schemes

Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme through Kerala State Insurance Department for the year 2011

HBA Combined Seniority List Fin 30-09-2010 Annexure1  Annexure2

HBA Extension of Date of Drawal Fin 16-09-2010

GIS New Schedule for deduction SDOs Fin 03-09-2010

New Symbol for Indian Rupee Fin 12-08-2010  Font

Election duty Rate of TA DA revised SEC 04-06-2010

Ad Hoc Bonus and Special Festival Allowance Fin 07-08-2010 Modification Order Fin 13-08-2010

Onam Advance Fin 07-08-2010
Modification Order Fin 13-08-2010

Onam Advance to Part Time Contingent Employees Fin 07-08-2010

Early Disbursement of Pay and Pension Fin 29-07-2010

DA increased to 78 Percent GO(P)No. 362/2010/Fin Dt. 03/07/2010

Income Tax e-Tutorial on TDS Provisions Fin 03-07-2010

Instructions to fill PF Forms Fin 28-06-2010

Regularization of waiting for posting after leave Modified instructions Fin 19-06-2010

HBA Application invited Fin 15-06-2010

LWA Restriction imposed Fin 07-06-2010

HBA Allotment Fin 29-05-2010

Advance for mosquito net and Bicycle Fin 21-05-210

Updating GIS Master data of Subscribers Fin 14-05-2010

Opening of PTSB account for all Pensioners Fin 09-04-2010

Treasury rate of interest revised for Fixed Deposit Fin 08-04-2010

9th Kerala Pay Revision Commission Fin 20-2-10

Income Tax Deduction from Salaries 2009-10 Fin 20-01-10

HBA Further Clarifications Fin 18-01-2010

Govt Primary HMs Sanctioning authority to TA/NRA from GPF up to Rs.50000 Fin 19-12-09

GPAIS Further Clarification Fin 11-12-09

Panchayath service Reckoning for Pension Fin 19-11-09

HBA to Govt Employees and Teachers Order and Application Form Fin 12-11-09

Clssification of State Govt Empoyees as Group A B C and D Fin 6-10-09

Pay of NGOs of all Departments through Bank Fin 12-10-09

Unification of retirement date Creation of Supernumerary Post Clarification Fin 25-9-09

Treasury Fixed Deposits Revised rate of interest Fin 30-09-2009

Unification of Retirement Date - Recruitment at Entry Level Fin 4-7-09

Primary HM Higher Grade Fin 26-6-09

Notional Fixation Primary HM Fin 8-6-09

Notional Fixation Primary HM Fin 3-11-08

28 Fixation Option Fin 3-6-09

Unification of Retirement Date Submission of Pension Paper Fin 13-5-09

Date of retirement unification Extension to other categories Fin 30-4-09

Date of retirement of Govt Employees and Teachers Unified Fin 24-04-09

Enhancement of Maternity Leave Fin 01-04-09

Sanction of LWA Fin 6-10-08

2008 July 21 Strike Regularisation 4-9-08

 Tme bound Higher grade - Guidlines for sanctioning Fin 08-08-2008


Higher secondary Department

HSST By transfer promotion Zoology and Botany HSE 14-02-2011

HSST Junior Transfer (General) List

The seniority list of HSAs to be promoted as HSST

HSST Transfer Proceedings - Provisional Rank List(Compassionate) - Provisional Rank List(General) - Provisional Transfer List(Compassionate) - Provisional Transfer List(General)

Promotion of HS HM and HSST as Principal

HSST Principal Transfer

Plus One Examination 2010-11: Nominal Roll

Higher Secondary: Remittance of Share of Youth Festival Fees-Circular issued

Higher Secondary: Remittance of Fee for Sports Meet.during 2010-11

Plus One Plus Two Exam DHSE 23-09-2010

Construction of Labs and Libraries under XII FC in HSS

Selection Committee for Aided HSST appointment  GEdn 14-12-09

HSE Spl Rule Ammendment Aided GE 27-3-09

HSE Spl Rule Ammendment Govt GE 27-3-09

Higher Secondary School Teachers Transfer Norms General Education 27-05-09


Pay Revision Order


Orders of Higher Secondary Department

Kerala Plus one Admission- 2011 (Trial Allotment)

Plus one Trial Allotment : Format for correction - Instructions to : Students - Principals

Vocational Higher secondary Department

VHSST Transfer Norms Gen Edn 22-05-2010

GFC Junior Salary DVHSE 21-12-09

Deputy Director of Education Palakkad

General Transfer Different Categories Provisional List Palakkad District

Provisional Seniority List of Primary Teacher in Palakkad District

Deployment of Aided Teachers DDE 8-2-11

Inter district transfer Core Sub DDE 8-2-11

Inter district transfer Language DDE 8-2-11

Deployment Primary Teachers (Govt) DDE 4-2-11

Primary HM Transfer DDE 25-01-11

Primary Teacher Transfer DDE 25-01-11

Primary Teacher (Govt.) Deployment DDE 25-01-11

Pulse Polio
DDE Circular    Pledge

Primary Teacher Promotion as HSA Core Sub DDE 27-12-10

Primary Teacher Promotion as HSA Lang DDE 27-12-10

Provisional seniority List of Pre Primary Teacher and Ayah DDE 29-11-2010

Primary HM Promotion DDE 20-11-2010

Spark implementation in Primary Schools DDE20-07-2010

Daily Wages appointment in Govt Schools DDE 24-06-2010

Protected Teachers Palakkad Dist 2009-10

Festivals and Collection Circular DDE 25-11-09