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SSLC Revaluation Result 2012

Prohibitions and Restrictions on sales of Gutkha and Panmasala by the Kerala state Government

SSA - Deputation Appointment - Aided School Teachers can also be appointed

Re-Designation of Peon in Last Grade Service - GO

Admission - Students from unrecognised schools

Increase the amount of Lumpsum grant of SC/ST/Other eligible students

Teachers' Package - Clarification on approval in uneconomic schools

Teachers' Package - 40 more included

Teachers' Package - Clarification on Approval of appointment in Aided Schools arouse in the year 2010-11

Approval of appointments of Specialist Teachers

G.O Gen.Edn- HSA(Natural Science) Life Science B.Ed. Degree - Equivalent to the Natural Science Degree

Cleaning @ schools on 17-5-12 by using NCC/NSS/Scout/SPC Cadets DPI Circular

Approval of appointment in leave vacancies exceeding 8 months - No need of appellate order

Higher Secondary Examination - Rate of Remuneration Enhanced

SSLC 2012 - Revaluation Notification

SAY Examination- 2012 Notification : SSLC - THSLC - AHSLC - SSLC HI

RTE – Structural Changes (Draft) 20-4-12

Education Package - Clarification

Stipulation of attainment of 6 years for admission to Class 1

Pay Revision 2009 : Fixation of Scale of Pay of HSA/HMs -Clarified

General Education -Implementation of the Central Plan Scheme for Infrastructure Development in Minority Institutes (IDMI)- Release of first installment of Grant-in aid Capital assets for the year 2011-12

Marginal increase of seats in Govt., Aided and Unaided HSEs

Mid Day Meal Scheme - MDMS Vouchers shall be returned to schools - DPI Circular

Loans and Advances - Recovery during April 2012- postponed

Important Orders Gen Edn & DPI

Implementation of package approval of appointment of specialist techers working without salary

Inter -district transfer of Part-time language teachers

Aided Seniority list of 51 A claimants under single management 1)
Letter - No.H2/35920/11/DPI   dated  04.04.2012
2) List of 51A Claimants of Individual Schools Published

CBSE Schools for NOC - Final List Click here

SSLC "SAY" Examination 2012 : Order - G.O.(Rt) No.1403/2012/G.Edn dated 22.03.2012

Online Transfer and Posting for Govt School Teachers / Primary HMs Cancelled due to enhancement of Retirement age- Circular

Approval of the list of Retrenched Teachers :
Order - G.O.(MS) No.102/2012/G.Edn dated 29.03.2012 and Teachers list (Appendix to the GO (MS) No.102/2012/G.Edn Dt. 29/03/2012)
DPI Letter
Declaration Form

Promotion to all students till completion of elementary education

RTE Act - Permission to start new Government schools

Provisional Seniority list of Joint Director  No.D3/22226/2012/DPI  dated 26.03.2012

State School Infrastructure Survey 2012 - Instructions from the DPI

Promotion,Transfer & Postings of DEO's
G.O.(Rt) No.1381/2012/G.Edn  dated 21.03.2012

DPC (Higher) 2012 - Teaching Branch - DD & DEOs
No.D6/ 80006 /2011  dated 20.03.2012

TTC Course 2012 -2014 Circular - M2/8924/2012/DPI dated 09.03.2012

Diploma in Language Education Course -2012 -13 Circular - M2/3217/2012/DPI  dated 14.03.2012

Reservation of OBCs in appointments to the services and posts under the Govt. Kerala- issue of Non Creamy Layer Certificate to the eligible Candidates- Clarifications-reg

Promotion of LD Clerks to UD Clerks in G Edn. Order

SPARK - Completion of Details in G Edn. reg

BPHFC- Annual Income limit Enhanced Govt.Order

Empanellment of Department Master Trainers for SPARK : Interested Government Employees are requested to apply immediately to admin@spark.gov.in
List of Empanelled Department Master Trainers

ICT textbook for standard 10 - Malayalam

Higher Secondary teachers Promotion By transfer - Circular

Inculcate Scholarship 2011-12 Result

SSLC March 2012 : Scheme Finalisation camp date

Diploma in Language Education - (Arabic ,Urdu) - Genera

Important Orders of Finance Department

Period of Probation of officers in state service and equated categories

Group Personal Accident insurance Scheme - Modified Orders

GIS-Revival /remittance of defaulted premia -Proposal for Government Sanction -Further instructions to DDOs

Pay Revision 2009 Permission to Exercise Re-option

Provident Fund-Rate of Interest on Deposits

Enhancement of Age of Retirement and Creation of Supernumerary posts
 Notification to S.R.O No.193/2012
GO(P)No. 170/2012/Fin Dated 22/03 /2012

Dies-non on 28.02.2012-Sanctioning of casual leave and recouping of excess pay drawn -Clarification

House Building Advance-Extension of time limit for Encashment

Traveling Allowance - Revision of T.A Ceiling of State Government Employees And Restoration of Incidental for Air Journey -Sanctioned - Orders Issued

Orders of DDE Palakkad

Orders of Higher Secondary Department

News and Events

Com Parameswaran, State Secretary inaugurates KSTA District Council.

മാര്‍ച്ച്‌ 4 നു പ്രതിപക്ഷ ഉപനേതാവ് സ കോടിയേരി ബാലകൃഷ്ണന്‍ ഉദ്ഘാടനം ചെയ്യുന്ന കെ എസ് ടി എ ചെരുപ്പുളശ്ശേരി ഉപ ജില്ലാ കമ്മിറ്റി ഓഫീസ്
SSA Office March 28.01.2012
SSA Office Dharna inauguration Com M Hamza MLA

Membership Form 2012

District Council on 27-08-2011 - Inauguration
Com KG Babu State. Treasurer

Education Seminar on 18-08-2011 - Inauguration
Com C Raveendranadh MLA

West Bengal solidarity Evening Dharna inauguration - Com V Chenthamarakshan MLA

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 K.A.Sivadasan Secretary



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GPF Credit Card 2010-11 Click Here

To retrieve the PIN No. subtract GPF AC No. from 999999 Eg. GPF AC No. EDN 189317 PIN Number. 810682

ശമ്പള കമീഷന്‍ റിപ്പോര്‍ട്ട്

Pay Scale Analysis

ശമ്പളപരിഷ്കരണം അപാകതകള്‍ പരിഹരിക്കണം

ശമ്പളപരിഷ്കരണവും ഹയര്‍ സെക്കണ്ടറി മേഖലയും

ശമ്പള പരിഷ്കരണം കേന്ദ്രവും കേരളവും

Center and State Pay Scales

അധ്യാപകരുടെ ആനുകൂല്യങ്ങള്‍

Pay Scale  of Teachers

കുറിപ്പ് - കെ എസ ടി എ

ശമ്പള കമീഷന്‍ റിപ്പോര്‍ട്ട് പൂര്‍ണരൂപം

Notice KSTA      Notice FSETO

വികസന വീഥിയിലെ ശരി അടയാളങ്ങള്‍
Income Tax Statement Preparation program in Malayalam - Prepared by BABU. V.A, Commerce Teacher, KNMVHSS Vatanappally

Pre Metric Scholarship 2010-11 Fresher List Renewal List

Orukkam 2011

NCTE Code of Professional Ethics for Teachers Comments Invited

Arabic Teachers Examination 2011 Notification

SSLC Model Exam Time Table February 2011

Laptop for Teachers - Draft Concept Note English - Malayalam

USS/LSS Notification 2010- 11 - Registration Form

District Kalolsavam Identity Card  Excel PDF

National Awards for teachers for "Using Technology for Innovation in Education"
Instructions        Entry Form

പുതിയ ജില്ലാ കമ്മിറ്റി അംഗങ്ങളുടെ ഫോണ്‍ നമ്പര്‍

The Kerala Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Rules 2010

Reports & Documents

Qualitative Improvements of Govt. and Aided Schools - Highlights of the report

Final version of "The Kerala Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Rules 2010 as on 14.01.2011

Kerala State Special School Kalothsavam

The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009

Higher Secondary Result 2011

Plus Two 2010
Palakkad District

SSLC 2010
Result Analysis - Palakkad Dist

2005-2010 Abstract Palakkad Dist

Edn District wise

Rev District wise

Full A Plus

Text Books

Std X (Malayalam Medium) 2011

Revised Text Books for Std IX

Revised ICT Text Book for Std VIII

SSLC Core Subjects    2,4,6,8 Text Books     2,4,6,8 Hand Books   ICT Hand Books

Seniority Lists

Rank List of different Categories General Transfer Palakkad District

Final Seniority list of HSAs for the period from 01/01/1991 to 31/12/1996
Order Final seniority list of HSA


Noon Meal Programme

Noon Meal Contingent Charge Ready Reckoner

Form k2   NMP1

Revised Form TR 104 (PF Deduction)