Match Reporting

All Match, Caution, and Send-Off reports are due within 24 hours after the end of the game.  Select from the links below to access the proper form related to your league.

Match Report:  indicate league, date/time, location of game, team names, game score, goal scorers and names, number of cautions and send offs if applicable. Note any extraordinary events in the game. Enter names of Assistant Referees when applicable.

Caution and Send-Off Report: Must include league, game, date, offender name, number, team, category of incident, game time (ie..75th minute), description of incident.   Sample report  Sample Caution Report

Do's and Don'ts in misconduct reporting:  Misconduct Reporting Handout

Mens/Womens Leagues, KYSA House, Senior High School report links ...

Match Report Caution Report , Send Off Report

Thompson Okanagan Youth Soccer League (TOYSL) aka Rep League

TOYSL Match Report and Incident Reports (select game and incident tabs at top of page)

Junior High School report links ...

Match and Discipline Report ((link opens to an email for Maria L Bartucci Include date, game score, caution, and send-off information in the email .

Small Side Match Incident Report (no game report is required)

Pacific Coast Soccer League (PCSL)

Match Report , Caution ReportSend Off Report

BCSA Match Report Forms:  Click on the links to access printable copies (PDF format) of the British Columbia Soccer Association's match reporting forms.

Match ReportCaution ReportSend-Off ReportAssault on a Match Official4th Official Form