Managing Dissent

Whether you're a new young referee with a nasty coach, parent, or fan yelling on the sidelines, or a seasoned official dealing with an older player who feels wronged by the call you've just made.... you will need to learn how to deal with DISSENT.

Dealing with Dissent can be viewed as a continuum with the following active stages.  
* Prevent
* Manage
* Avoid/Ignore
* Address
* Announce
* Peer Pressure (Captain)
* Second Caution

Have a read through the article below, authored in 2006 by FIFA AR Darren Clark. 
Darren discusses how to Prevent, Identify, and Manage dissent in your match, and expands on what your options are at each stage of this continuum.

KSRA Secretary,
Mar 12, 2016, 5:59 PM