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A flannel saved is a flannel earned.

-- Anonymous

Flannel factoids


Flannel is commonly associated with grunge music. It soared in popularity among early-1990s teens.

Also means...

In the United Kingdom, a "flannel" is a square cloth used to wash one's body.

A sample

A typical flannel comforter

Fun, Fashionable Flannel

Durable, comfortable, and practical. These are just some of the adjectives that have been used to describe flannel, a fabric that, for far too long, has not received the respect or appreciation it deserves.

My purpose in creating this website is help remedy this oversight. Now that even I can easily make a web site, this site can stand as a testament to my devotion to spreading the love and use of flannel to others on the Internet.

What is Flannel?

The History

Flannel is typically made out of wool, though it is commonly blended with other materials such as cotton or other synthetic fibers. It is known for being both soft and warm. For this reason, it is often found used in bedding and in shirts.

The Tradition

Many people believe that a flannel shirt, by definition, has a plaid design. This is not true. Flannel can come in solid colors or in any kind of pattern. Flannel is available in every color of the rainbow. There is surely an ideal flannel out there for you!

Flannel Fashions

I like refer to Seattle as the "Home of the Modern Flannel Renaissance." The rise of grunge music came with a wonderful, unanticipated side effect: the acceptance of flannel in pop culture.

Bands such as Nirvana hit the airwaves during the 1990s, demonstrating to an entirely new generation how flannel could be "cool," and still very, very warm.

How can I promote flannel in my community?

In my town, we have a small group of flannel enthusiasts that meets weekly to discuss their own flannel usage, share great flannel ideas, and plan flannel-related events in the community. First, check to see if there is a flannel organization in your town.

If no such organization exists, you can still do your part. Post flyers advocating flannel use. Make sure your local library has plenty of books on the topic of flannel. And be sure to, each day, wear your own flannel shirt with pride.

Each of us can do our part. I wish the best of luck to each of you.