State Laws - Light Pollution

Existing Laws

Arizona:  Title 49, Chapter 7 - Light Pollution (1991)

Arkansas:  Title 8, Chapter 14, Shielded Outdoor Lighting Act

California:  Section 7 of SB 5, signed April 2001, amends 25402.5. and establishes control of all outdoor lighting by the California Energy Commission (CEC).  Page 76 (b).

Colorado:  Title 24, Article 82, Part 9 (24-82-902).

Connecticut:  Various: Floodlights intended for private property illumination located within the state right-of-way on state highways; Highway and roadway lighting; Outdoor luminaires on the grounds of state buildings or facilities;  State Building Codes, page 89

Delaware: Title 7, Chapter 71A.

Maine: Title 5, Chapter 153, Subchapter 1-A, Section 1769

Minnesota:  CHAPTER 296--S.F.No. 3337 Article 2

New Mexico: Article 12 – Night Sky Protection, 74-12-1 through 74-12-11

Rhode Island:  Title 42, Chapter 42-136 Outdoor Lighting Control

Texas: Amendment to Health and Safety Code, Chapter 425, Regulation of Certain Outdoor Lighting


Some Proposed – 30 total states with Existing Laws or Proposed

Texas: An Act relating to the Authority of counties to regulate outdoor lighting near major astronomical observatories (2001)

California: Executive Order D-19-01 regarding retail establishments, state of emergency (2001)

Connecticut:  HB 5684 - The bill bans, with some exceptions, the use of state bond revenues or appropriated or allocated state funds to install or replace an outdoor light or lighting unit on state building or facility grounds that:
    1. fails to maximize energy conservation and minimize light pollution, glare, and light trespass (light that shines beyond the boundaries of the property where it is located);

Iowa: Senate Bill 3035

Kansas: House Bill 2623 (2008) Prohibit uses which produce light emissions, either directly, or indirectly or by reflective light, which would interfere with pilot vision, and aerial or ground-
based night vision training - (military)

Missouri:  House Bill 1727 (2008) Reducing light pollution over state parks and other protected areas.

New Hampshire:  House Bill 222-FN (2001) And act relative to lighting and light pollution.

New York:  An Act to amend the environmental conservation law and the public service law, in relation to the management of outdoor night lighting to conserve energy and to protect the nighttime environment.

Pennsylvania:  House Bill 300 (2001) Providing for management of outdoor night lighting and a penalty.

Washington:  House Bill 2534 (2008)