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Don’t want to exercise in a gym environment?   

Then we are just what you have been looking for

 With The revolutionary EASYTONE chairs

It really is as easy as just sitting on a chair 

Tone / Firm

Lose Inches

 Improve Mobility

 Reduce Cellulite

The equipment is motorised to mechanically induce gentle, repetitive isokinetic motion.  Each Chair focuses on a different group of muscles. Using a chair for 6 minutes allows the muscle groups to contract about 100 times, providing a corresponding relaxation in the opposing muscles (muscles work in pairs).

All movements are provided equally on both sides of the body, balancing the common tendency to favour one side of the body (usually the writing hand side). The continuous, smooth, controlled movements gently tone and firm and improve localised blood and lymphatic circulation.

 The repetitive stretching movements progressively lengthen muscles, flex joints and rotate through a full range of motion. The rhythmic motion alleviates tension and generates a feeling of wellbeing.

Don't Believe us then call today for your


  Toning Chair Prices For 2011
 1 Month Unlimited Use  £25
 3 Months Unlimited Use  £70
 6 Months Unlimited Use   £100
 1 Year Unlimited Use  £190
 1 Year Unlimited Use (Paid Monthly S/O)        
 Only £16
pcm *
 Renewal (After your first years full membership)  
 1 Year Unlimited Use  £170
 1 Year Unlimited Use (Paid Monthly S/O)  £15 pcm

  *  (Paid Monthly) membership is paid via standing order & subject to a 12 month contract with Reflections Beauty Ltd

Unlimited Use is subject to a fair Use Policy

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Toning Studio Opening Times

Monday          9am - .715pm

Tuesday        9am - 7.15pm

Wednesday   9am - 7.15pm

Thursday       9am - 7.15pm

Friday            9am - .15pm

Saturday       9am 12.45pm

Sunday         Closed


We are also closed on Bank Holidays unless otherwise stated

 Toning Clients are advised to give themselves 1 hours to complete all the chairs in the studio.


Free 1 Hour  Trial Session

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