Paraffin Wax

Heat Treatments 

Sore, Dry Hands & Feet ?

Arthritic Joints ?


The heat that goes into melting the paraffin comes out when it solidifies into a comforting
 paraffin coating, thus transferring the heat into the affected limb.


Another way to look at it is the paraffin is the medium that transfers heat from the Paraffin heater to the painful area.  At the same time, the heat from the paraffin opens pores and increases circulation in the skin. This is why paraffin is so beneficial to skin, leaving skin softened and more radiant.


Can moist heat therapy help my pain and stiffness? 

How about my dry weary skin?


Paraffin therapy is one of the most effective methods of applying deep heat to relieve pain and stiffness.
The warm paraffin also moisturizes for healthier looking, softer skin.


Some of the benefits of the Paraffin Wax Treatment


soothe chronic arthritis joint pain

relax stiff muscles

 increase range of motion

 relieve dryness from repeated hand-washing

for tired, overworked hands

for very dry skin


Hands & Wrists £10
Feet & Ankles £15
Hands / Wrists / Feet & Ankles £22.50

We may be able to treat other areas please a therapist for more advice

The Paraffin Wax is also included in our Pampered Hands & Pampered Pedicure