Nail Painting & Nail Extensions 


Acrylic Nail Extensions  (Tips)

Professionally Applied Nail Extensions

Professionally Painted


Nail Painting
We have a large range of colour you can choose from.

French Style Finish

A White Tip, fixed to the nail bed
Then Coated in a pink acrylic

Why Do We Use Tips ?
Quicker to apply
Better Finish
More customer satisfaction


Examples of French Paint and Plain Red

(Click images for larger views)



Natural Finish

(No Paint)

 £32 Per set

White Tip

(French Style Finish) 

£35 Per set


Choice of Colours 

£35 Per Set


Approx 2 - 3 weeks after Application of Extensions 

£20 per set

Replace Single Nail

 (Natural Finish) 


Replace Single Nail

Choice of

Colours or French


Remove a set of extensions and a Mini Manicure 


Paint Only

(Choice of colours)