Manicure & Pedicure

          Treatments for the Hands and Feet 



Mini Manicure £10
Spa Manicure £16
Pampered Hands £22
Mini Pedicure £12.50
Spa Pedicure £22
Pampered Feet £30
Paint Only (Choice of colours) £5
Make it French Extra £2


Treatment Details 

Mini Manicure
File, Cuticles & Paint

Spa Manicure
File, Cuticles, Exfoliate, Massage & Paint

Pampered Hands
File, Cuticles, Paraffin wax application to sooth and soften the hands
Exfoliate, Massage, Paint

Mini Pedicure
File, Cuticles & Paint

Spa Pedicure
File, Cuticles, Exfoliate, Hard skin removal
Foot mask, Massage, Paint

Pampered Pedicure
File, Cuticles, Hard skin removal, Paraffin wax to sooth and soften the feet
Foot Massage, Paint

Nail Painting

We have a large range of colour you can choose from.