Facial Treatments


 The Face is one of the body parts that sometimes gets the most abuse.

Regular contact with the elements, Washing with soap. Smokey Rooms, All leave your skin looking and feeling Dry, Tired, Dull, Lifeless

A Reflections Beauty Facial will help to revitalise you skin leaving it feeling Refreshed.


Basic Facial

Cleanse , tone  & Moisturise



1/2 Hour Facial

Cleanse , tone, Facial Mask & Moisturise


1 Hour Facial

Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate, Massage, Mask & Moisturise 


1 Hour Anti Ageing Facial


Gezanne Non Surgical Facial

(1 Session) 


Gezanne Non Surgical Facial

( As Recommended a course of 10)


Intensive Eye & Lip Treatment