Yoga You Workshop, 30th July 2011

Sensei Kolesnikov addressing the Yoga You Sanctuary
Sensei Kolesnikov addressing the Yoga You Sanctuary

Ann Simmonet is the lead of the Yoga You Sanctuary, and is a very good Hatha Yoga Teacher and leader. Sensei Kolesnikov has done talks and workshops a few times now for this group. 

This was another one on Saturday 30th July 2011, partly to be part of the development of Ann's new centre in Wallasey, Wirral. The theme was Return to Source.

Mind and body exercise
Sensei Kolesnikov demonstrating a mind and body exercise

In the morning we did 2 hours of mind and body development exercises, based on Ki Energy. The idea was to bring energy back to yourself first. 

Then how to link with the greater energy of the Universe, also using extracts and pictures from my three books.

Sensei Kolesnikov in a Tai Chi pose
Sensei Kolesnikov demonstrating a Tai Chi exercise

In the afternoon we did 2 hours of Infinite Tai Chi, with some Chi Kung exercises.

Together with Meditation, Breathing Exercises and Universal Philosophy, students could appreciate the deeper aspects of the system Sensei Kolesnikov was teaching.

There were questions and answers and a Tai Chi demonstration at the end. It was a very enjoyable and successful day.

We are already planning the next event for 3rd March 2012:

Transformation - A Spiritual Journey Into Yourself

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