Sensei Kolesnikov, 7th Dan

Sensei Kolesnikov kneeling
Sensei Kolesnikov kneeling (seiza)
Sensei Kolesnikov in action
Sensei Kolesnikov in action
Sensei Kolesnikov started practising Aikido in 1970 as a hobby. He is now a 7th Dan international Aikido teacher, head of the KSMBDA organisation. 
  • In 1972, he practised full-time with Sensei Williams, becoming his number 1 student.
    He gave up his profession of psychiatric nursing.
    The Aikido style was initially Aikikai, which was later changed into the Ki style.

  • In 1975, he taught Aikido in Plymouth, on behalf of Sensei Williams.

  • In 1976, he met Koichi Tohei, 10th Dan, and attended various lessons and seminars.

  • In 1982, he founded the KSMBDA organisation, developing his own style of Aikido.

  • In 2001, he started practising Infinite Tai Chi in addition to Aikido.
    The KSMBDA organisation now includes Tai Chi lessons taught by Sensei Kolesnikov.

  • In 2009, he was awarded a Certificate of Recognition for Mind & Body Development for 2009/2010 from the Aspire magazine. Read a review from Aspire of Sensei and his organisation

  • In 2010, he was awarded 7th Dan, celebrating 40 years of Aikido practice.
    Click to read more about the award.

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