KSMBDA Organisation

Sensei Wasyl Kolesnikov founded the KSMBDA organisation in 1982.

KSMBDA is Kolesnikov's School of Mind and Body Development with Aikido. It is a full member of the British Aikido Board (BAB).

It teaches Aikido with a special emphasis on mind and body co-ordination through the study of energy flow, both when static and in motion.

The KSMBDA organisation has since grown; there are now 11 clubs across the UK and worldwide.

KSMBDA Organisation
Some high grades in the KSMBDA organisation

 Ki Power
Ki exercise

Ki is the energy flow that provides the power within the techniques. Read more about Ki here.

There are 4 principles to understand Ki:-
  1. Focus on the centre. Energy is focussed within it.
  2. Extend. Energy radiates outwards.
  3. Weight underside. Provides stability and powerful energy. 
  4. Relax completely. Energy flows when dynamically relaxed. It is lost when tense or stressed.
We focus on Ki as it is at the heart of Aikido.

The fighting roots of Aikido provide a useful framework for this study, but through our Ki Society connections we also study the use of energy for healing purposes.

Most Aikido techniques involve throwing the attacker to the ground. We teach practitioners how to roll safely over their arm, so that no damage is caused to either the attacker or defender. See more about rolling.
View the demonstration videos.

Other styles of Aikido practise breakfalls, which requires physical strength and stamina. We do not practise breakfalls in this style.