Ki (Energy)

The Source is the centre of all energy
Ki is the energy flow that provides the power within all the techniques practised within KSMBDA's Ki Aikido.

The Power of your Mind

Imagine stretching out your arm, relaxed (not tense) and not resisting, and asking someone to try to bend it in the natural way.

They will bend your arm easily.

If you're now taught how to extend your energy through your arm, whilst still keeping relaxed but not tense or resisting, your arm is now unbendable.

All that has changed is your thinking.

There are 4 principles of Ki:-

1. Focus on your centre

Energy is focussed on a point about 2 inches below your naval.

Focus energy within your centre - Ki flows
Even more focus - Ki still flows

2. Extend your energy

Energy radiates outwards. Like water out of a hosepipe.

Unfocussed - cannot defeat the barrier
Power of Ki: Sensei Kolesnikov walks through the barrier

3. Keep your weight underside

This provides stability and powerful energy, making you unmoveable. 

Imagining all weight is on top - arm is easily lifted
Power of Ki: Cannot easily lift Sensei Kolesnikov's arm

4. Relax yourself completely

Energy flows when you are relaxed - but dynamically relaxed, not dead relaxed.
It is lost when you are tense or stressed.

Sensei Kolesnikov is tense - easy to lift upwards
Power of Ki: Difficult to lift Sensei Kolesnikov

Strength of Ki
The strength of Ki: Sensei Kolesnikov absorbs the energy

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