What is Healing? 

Healing is the part of Sensei Kolesnikov's Aikido that focuses on the healing of injuries. It involves the application of pressure - usually from the thumb, or with three fingers - onto that part of the body that is causing problems. As you press, you send positive energy, or Ki, into the recipient's body, for them to use that energy to help themselves.
It is only taught to high grades, ie green belts and above, during high grades courses, as it requires a basic understanding of Ki and energy.

How does this help?

Sensei Kolesnikov applying kiatsu
Sensei Kolesnikov applying a healing technique

When people are not well we can extend our energy into the person to help stimulate their own system. It is something like recharging a battery. As the person's own energy gets stronger, in effect – they heal themselves. We act as a kind of a boost.
Also we can work with meditation, breathing, Ki exercises and stretching exercises. We work with the whole person, not just the symptoms.

It is important for the person to do some work for themselves, as it is their responsibility to be well, and not the person healing them.

Does this replace medicines?

People are encouraged to go through the usual channels such as a doctor, hospitals etc. When people have done all this and no answer or solution has been found, they look for an alternative. Healing is one of the many alternatives.

When should this not be practised?

As a healer, it is important to keep one’s own energy high with breathing, meditation, Ki exercises, stretching, training and have a good attitude. If people do not do these things, then they should not attempt healing as done in the Kolesnikov’s School. This is because they will deplete their own energy and could become worse than the person whom they are treating.

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