The Ukraine Aikido Summer School June 2011

Ukraine Aikido Summer School students
Ukraine Summer School Students

The Summer School in the Ukraine was very successful. Valerei Korsyn’s centre is going from strength to strength. There were about 35 – 40 people training each day, people also coming from related clubs in Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv. This included around 6 doctors. We did Aikido, mind and body development, Tai Chi, healing, and weapons training.

Valerei Korsyn, Sensei Kolesnikov and Ruslan Telitin
Valerei Korsyn, Sensei Kolesnikov and Ruslan Telitin

Grading Awards

Valerei Korsyn was awarded 4th Dan for his development in building up his centre, and developing the Ukraine club. He also trains a good Judo team in the centre.

Ruslan Telitin, who assists Valerei in teaching and developing his own classes, was awarded 3rd Dan. He also develops the Kendo side of things,

Many students moved up a grade, plus there were two new first Dan Black Belts.

Ukraine Club's Success

Valerei and his teachers and students continue to progress well. We have come a long way since we started in 1992.

The students are now looking forward to the next Summer School in 2012.

Ukraine students practising
Ukraine students practising
Ukraine students practising on the course

Other Meetings

Sensei Kolesnikov met Roman Banchuk, who is an artist of the area. He was showing me his latest works and discussing new ideas.

He also met some Healers and Sensitives, who were also developing the Ki Energy for their own Haling System. We had a few interesting discussions and shared our ideas. Some of them tried one of my lessons.

After the seminar, for a couple of days I stayed overnight in a beautiful hotel in the mountains. One of my students who is a top chef works there.

There are many interesting moments when I come here, and this was no exception.

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