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Aikido is a dynamic, powerful Japanese martial art for self-defence. Unlike most other martial arts, it blends with or redirects the attack, leading it to a safe and controlled conclusion.

Course attendees
Swindon & Bristol course (July 2013)

The next course will be in Kendal on Saturday 21th October 2017, from 11am to 4.30pm. Everyone welcome. 

Sensei Kolesnikov has written his 5th book:
The Source - Creation and Appreciation.

This picture book and explanations shows the vastness, beauty and power of the Source. By being more aware of this power, we can consciously plug into this energy and do more things.

            The Source- Creation and Appreciation is available from Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.
Our Clubs across the UK

                                                          ● Bridport

                                                          ● Bristol

                                                          ● Exeter

                                                          ● Kendal

                                                          ● Manchester

                                                          ● Rochdale

                                                          ● Swindon

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Sensei Wasyl Kolesnikov (7th Dan) has over forty years experience in the practice of Aikido. He has created his own style of Aikido based on mind and body development, which focuses on energy and calmness, rather than physical strength. Read more information about Aikido

Aikido by Sensei Kolesnikov
Aikido by Sensei Kolesnikov Aikido by Sensei Kolesnikov Aikido by Sensei Kolesnikov
Extending Ki energy into Aikido techniques
Sensei Kolesnikov's trilogy of books are now available from Amazon
Sensei Kolesnikovs books