KSJ research group aims to develop and characterize novel functional nanomaterials. We mainly focus on low-dimensional nanomaterials such as colloidal quantum dots. Low-cost and solution-based colloidal nanomaterials are currently used for display, photovoltaics, optoelectronics and bioimaging applications. Along with the rapid development in the applications, it is crucial to understand what physical and chemical phenomena occur in the nanomaterials. To understand the phenomena, we first synthesize the novel materials in the lab and measure the optical and magnetic properties using various methods. Performing both synthesis and characterization enables us to clearly understand the underlying photophysical and photochemical phenomena occurring in novel nanomaterials. Those who are interested in our research are welcome to contact us.

KSJ 연구실은 새로운 기능의 나노물질 합성 및 물성에 대한 분석 연구를 수행합니다. 최근  Display, Photovoltaics, Optoelectronics, Bioimaging 등 다양한 응용에 사용되는 콜로이드 양자점과 같은 저차원 콜로이드 나노물질에서 일어나는 새로운 물리/화학적 현상에 대한 연구를 수행하고 있으며, 나아가서  응용에 대한 가능성을 조사하는 연구를 진행하고 있습니다.  저차원 콜로이드 나노물질 합성 및 다양한 분석 및 응용에 관심이 있는 연구자를 환영합니다.
분야: 화학/나노재료/물리/에너지/환경
kwangsjeong at korea.ac.kr
                                              - News - 
  • Bitna successfully defended her thesis and will join the Dow Chemical Company, a world leading chemical company (Link).  Congratulations, Bitna!
  • Juyeon won the 2017 Dow Chemical award for graduate students and will present her research at the Korean Chemical Society  Spring meeting coming Thursday (4/20)!   Congratulations, Juyeon !! Link
  • KSJ group's work was highlighted in media. 
  • Bitna (G2) and Juyeon (G2) won the research institute for natural sciences (RINS) awards for graduate students. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations, Juyeon Jeong, Bitna Yoon, Dr. Young-Wan Kwon and Dongsun Choi on their paper entitled 
         "Singly and Doubly Occupied Higher Quantum States in Nanocrystals", publishing in Nano Letters.
  • Mihyeon joined our lab. Welcome, Mihyeon!
  • Joo Hyeong (Undergrad scholarship program) joined our lab. Welcome, Joo Hyeong!