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Muscular System Webquest

Using the links provided, complete the following muscular system web quest. Be sure to follow the directions at each webpage and take time to learn about the muscles.

1. Find Multi-talented Muscles: http://www.kidshealth.org/kid/body/muscles_noSW.html


ü   What are 3 of the functions of the Muscular System?

ü   What are the three types of muscles?

ü   Write a description of each type of muscle.

ü   Give an example of each type of muscle.

ü   What is another name for smooth muscles?

ü   List three places you might find smooth muscle and what do they do?

ü   What type of muscle makes up the heart and what does it do?

ü   What is the name of the type of muscle in your bicep and what does it do?

ü   What are muscles made of?

ü   Be sure to read through the major muscles listed at the bottom of the webpage.

ü   Click on the muscle and joints box on the right side of the page. Learn about the knee joint.



2. Find the Interactive Human Body:


At the bottom of the page is "FLEX SOME MUSCLES" activity. Click on this link. Choose male or female. Click on the muscles in the box on the left. Read the description of this muscle in the box on the right. Click on the muscle on the right and drag it to the human body.

Write down the ten muscles that you have found.
Have your teacher initial when the diagram is completed. ______________________


3. Using this website: http://www.sport-fitness-advisor.com/muscular-system-diagram.html label the muscular diagram included in this packet. Notice there is a front and back view. Click on both to see both views of the human body.


4. Find Discovery Kids website: http://yucky.discovery.com/flash/body/pg000123.html .

Answer the following questions:


ü   How much of your body weight is muscle?

ü   How do muscles make you move?

ü   How many muscles are in the human body?

ü   What is a voluntary muscle?

ü   Where are involuntary muscles found and how do they move?

ü   What happens when you pull a muscle?

ü   What is the largest muscle in the body?

ü   What is the busiest muscle in the body?


5. Go to the website: http://www.kidport.com/Grade6/Science/BodyMuscles.htm

Take the muscle quiz on this page.

How many did you get correct? ______________ How many did you miss? _________