Discover for yourself how hypnotherapy can help you achieve your potential and get more out of life. Clinical Hypnotherapy can successfully assist with:



Stopping Smoking


Weight Control

Panic Attacks


Sleep Disorders

Improving Self-Esteem

Improving Sports Performance

And much more


Smoking Cessation
Hypnosis has been proven to outperform all other methods to quit (New Scientist V136). It can assist you to become and remain a happy, healthy and confident  non smoker, without the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Old habitual smoking behaviours  are replaced with far more natural and healthy strategies to help you feel mentally calmer, physically more relaxed  resulting in increased energy and vitality and an overall sense of well-being.
  • No cravings
  • No withdrawal symptoms
  • No weight gain
  • Better health and a longer life
  • More money in your pocket

Contrary to many claims from other hypnotherapists, you will require determination, willpower and motivation. However it is proven that with hypnotherapy you are at least fifteen times more likely to successfully quit than by willpower alone.


Hypnobirthing is a natural approach to a safe, easier and more comfortable birthing. Birthing mums will learn to embrace their bodies’ innate knowledge of giving birth, will relax into the birthing process, working with their bodies and babies.

Women who use hypnotherapy for childbirth are more relaxed before the birth, consequently have fewer complications and require less medication and medical intervention.

Hypnobirthing teaches you to distance yourself from any discomfort during labour. It helps you to relax, to loosen your muscles which will consequently assist with easing the pain.

As a general clinical hypnotherapist, I can add value to your sessions by addressing any other issues you may have.