" It was such a great pleasure to be able to enjoy a family holiday without panicking about the flight. The sessions were relaxing, easy and I always felt in control." A.R. from Wimbledon, London

"For successful, long-term weight loss, you must make permanent changes in your lifestyle and habits (healthy food and regular exercise).I heard this a million times, and I always knew that was true. But I was not able to achieve it alone. It is too hard to do it alone!
Kornelia, a big thank you for encouraging me and helping me to change my life. I won’t forget it....thank you for being the "switch ON"! Eva B. from Southfields
Hi Kornelia
Just a quick email to let you know how easy my flight went, I didn't even have butterflies in my tummy and felt totally calm and confident you could say excited about the whole trip.
Kelly from Ewell
" I believe and trust in the power of one's mind and I am so grateful to Kornelia for her efforts in helping me to help myself visualizing my total recovery after my hip operation. I am now doing remarkably well and people around me are amazed at my quick recovery. I do thank Kornelia very much for making a difference." Olga C. from Ware

Having felt I had not relaxed properly since my first child was born 12 years ago, Kornelia identified that I would benefit from learning the skills of how to relax.  I was sceptical as I felt I only had time to be super busy or asleep, however, after just one session I was introduced to the art of relaxation and the benefits it holds for improved physical and psychological health.  I can now access a relaxed state of mind which enables me to optimise the retention of information and generally feel so much more energised. Catherine from Cheam 

Whilst confident for much of the time, my daughter had occasions when she would be very anxious and a typical time would be at the end of the summer holidays before the new term starts.  In preparation for starting a new school, Kornelia taught my daughter how to control her emotions and think constructively.  Over a course of 4 sessions, my daughter became increasingly confident in how to manage her emotional state, a fantastic skill to learn at 11 years old with years of exams and new experiences ahead of her. CD from Cheam


Hypno-birthing has given me one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. The experience helped me realize and believe that I should trust myself and my body and allow it to do what it is naturally meant to do. We opted for hypno-birthing we so hoped for a natural birthing experience with no drugs. It was simply amazing!!! We would highly recommend Kornelia as an educational and calming teacher and empathetic ear at this very special time. Thank you so much!!!!!" Erika H. from Sutton, Surrey


"Kornelia has definitely helped me with my fear of dogs through her calm and gentle approach when hypnotising me.  I am a teenager now and wanted my phobia to get better in order to do the things I liked, like walking on a beach on holiday or going to the park - both places where there were likely to be dogs around! I found the 4 sessions I had with her very relaxing and felt calm and safe throughout.  I now feel much more confident around dogs.  Thank you for all your help and support!" Zara, Wimbledon   

My daughter came to see Kornelia in order to overcome a very deeply entrenched fear of dogs. She was so scared of them that going to the park and even walking down the road was very stressful if there were any dogs around. The results far exceeded our expectations - just four sessions with Kornelia and her fears gradually receded and she started to feel much more relaxed. Three months after our last session we got a dog of our own! She adores our dog and it is hard to imagine it's the same child that was so terrified such a short time ago. I cannot recommend Kornelia highly enough - she is extremely professional and has a fantastic friendly manner with adults and children alike. I cannot thank Kornelia enough - her help has made an enormous difference to the whole family. Karen S. from Teddington