Associate Research Scientist
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Institute of Systems Biology
Member, Cancer Systems Biology @ Yale, a U54 Initiative by NCI
Yale University, CT

PhD, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore

B.Tech., Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Mumbai

Email: kshitiz.gupta AT yale DOT edu


Science is a passion above anything. One who has experienced the thrill of discovery, or has even traversed unsuccessfully on the path knows that there is no exhilaration that even compares with it.
Kshitiz's research is primarily focused towards understanding how cells respond to their immediate microenvironment, in particular the physical and mechanical factors. In addition, he works on cardiac tissue engineering, developing applications for drug screening, cancer, and metabolism. 
Popular Science

To connect to young adults, understand them and popularize science, culture, assuming responsibility for self, we organize many lectures in high schools and colleges in India and the U.S. 

Kshitiz is a trained bharatanatyam dancer, and has learned the classical dance form from Smt. Janaki Sivaraman in the Vazhavoor style, Smt. Joyce Paul in Kalakshetra style, and Smt. Vidya Venkat Vinod in Vazhavoor style. 

For dance performance requests, send email to kshitizkz AT gmail DOT com

In addition, he continues to learn Hindustani Classical Vocal from Sh. Chandramohan Rao. 

Kshitiz was a founder and served as a director of LiveAssay, a small biotechnology firms that provides specialized tissue culture ware and microscopy solutions for research labs. 
He also served as acting CSO of Cardiac Mimetics, Inc. Cardiac Mimetics creates nanofabricated multi electrode platforms to detect cardiotoxicity during drug development proceses. 

A consolidated view of our group activities in the media. 

Kshitiz is an author, and a writer of several works in Indian languages. The latest book is a different version on Mahabharata, the world's largest epic bringing the villanous Shakuni in the center: The Revenge of Shakuni (available in English translation).  

Kshitiz serves as the chairman of Swatantra Foundation that focuses towards providing directly employment generating education to young adults in India. We at Swatantra believe that it is important to focus our energy towards what may transform a family into a productive member of the society without dependence on government or charity, as fast as it is possible.  

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