here are step by step photos of my progress

   [   Pictures of the Project   ] 


here, basically all i had was the microcontroller and the head/torso enclosures



Week 2

 designed and tested the motor control board.


Week 3

 week3, i built a makeshift arm using four r/c servos.   the arm lasted about one day, before i had to cut another one out of acrylic. 


Week 4

 tested out code, waiting on the OPAMPS  Built a driver circuit for status LEDs.  there is one for each limb, and the other will indicate either temperature, bioamp status, etc.  not sure which yet.


Week 5

 laid out the board for soldering in the opamps, but i am still waiting on the additional BASIC Stamps  that i plan on using for Reading the ADC functions.  also, i redid the crappy acrylic servo mounts for the arm, making it a lot more flexible/sturdy, and attractive.  added a video of the arm moving here. there is also a picture of the bioamp mount i plan on using to save space.