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                          Attempting to recreate a neurally controlled animat IRL

Ref Thomas DeMarse


My approach is to be as follows:

  1:  instead of using a pattern detecting computer, i will be using the CA3140E Operational Amplifier coupled with an Analog-to-Digital converter to give me a digital value.  then this value is read the microcontroller, which determines a) which amp it came from, b) where should it send this value and c) what, if any, feedback should be sent back.

  2:  instead of using a multi electrode array(as with the DeMarse setup) the op amps will be connected to a spider-shaped electrode, requiring the brain to grow around the system, and not the system catering to the brain.

 3:  instead of simulating an artifical animal, i intend to couple the neuron culture, microcontroller, and opamps to a bipedal robot platform, with a matrix of feedback switches (with values representing good and bad depending on their intensity and spread within the feedback array).





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