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We hope to update information on this page frequently .  If you have drought management information that would be useful to share with others, please use the comment box at the bottom of the page and thanks for sharing!
National Drought Mitigation Center's "Current U.S. Drought Monitor" (map) and "National Drought
Summary" (narrative). CLICK HERE 
KARS Green Report  - CLICK HERE
 Kansas Water Office - "Kansas Weekly Drought Update" CLICK HERE
The following map is provided by Dr. Kevin Price and Nan An, Graduate Research Assistant and Laboratory Manager, Ecology and Agriculture Spatial Analysis Laboratory, KSU, Manhattan, KS. 
Note: Click on the map to enlarge and then you can click on your idividual county to enlarge for more detail.
The following link is a new site under development by the National Drought Mitigation Center.  This site is not public as yet, but you are invited to participate and use this site.  You can enter "reviewer" for username and "ranchplan" for password to log on to the site. After you log on, click on one of the green tabs and you should be able to navigate the site. There are still features that have not be developed as yet. We will let you know when this site goes public. The National Drought Mitigation Center contact for this site is Tonya Haigh, Research Specialist,(402) 472-6781, thaigh@unlnotes.unl.edu).
National Drought Mitigation Center - "Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch" (A Planning Tool). CLICK HERE
Remember, to log in on this site first enter "reviewer" for the username and "ranchplan" for the password.
Drought Planning for Rangeland, David Kraft, NRCS State Rangeland Management Specialist for Kansas
KGA's Kansas Winter Grazing Conference - "Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch" - CLICK HERE
 (NOTE: Over the next few weeks we hope to post the conferences PowerPoint Presentations as well as video of the presentations themselves)
USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) Kansas State Office - CLICK HERE
USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA)
Pasture, Rangeland, Forage Crop Insurance - CLICK HERE
Kansas Department of Agriculture - Kansas Drought Information - CLICK HERE 
K-State Research and Extension - "Drought Information" - CLICK HERE
Kansas Farm Bureau - Hay and Pasture Exchange - CLICK HERE
 USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) - Hay Net - CLICK HERE
Noble Foundation - Managing During Drought - CLICK HERE
(Check out these "Drought Calculators" from
the Noble Foundation ) - CLICK HERE
Colorado State University Extension - Managing Small Acreage Pastures During
and After Drought - CLICK HERE
University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Ag Manager's Toolbox - CLICK HERE
(Look for "Partial Budgeting for Drought Management")
University of Nebraska-Lincoln - EC91-123 Drought Management on Range and Pastureland:
A handbook for Nebraska and South Dakota - CLICK HERE
Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism - CLICK HERE
2011 Drought Impact on Kansas Upland Birds
Drought Management in the Southern Plains (recent webinar) - CLICK HERE